Wednesday, 4 February 2015


On Saturday, hubby and I decided that we should visit Nottingham.  It's only about a 45 minute drive, but hubby had never been, and I have not visited since about 1983!

 We parked near the Lace Market area as I fancied a look around this historic district.  At one time all the best lace was made in Nottingham - sadly I don't think they have any lace makers left now.  It's a shame that they have not left a building as a museum with the machines etc.  I would have loved to have seen that.
 I have a great interest in industrial architecture and I loved these unique buildings.

 I think many of them have been turned into apartments.

 En route into the main area, we popped into this lovely looking church.

 I loved this window with the gown featuring Nottingham lace.

 We popped into "The Contemporary"  gallery for breakfast.  It is a very modern building which is quite unusual as the city has mainly older buildings.  It looks as if it missed the bombing of world war 2.
 The shopping streets have some gorgeous old shops and arcades.

 Hubby liked the statue of Brian Clough.
 We thought it was a good likeness.

 Of course, Nottingham's most famous resident was Robin Hood.
 We didn't visit the castle as we wanted to have a good look around the city, but we enjoyed ourselves so much that we are planning a return visit.

 We discovered the Canal path and had a little wander.

 We are not shoppers, but we were drawn into "White Stuff" by their window displays.  I thought I would share them with you for inspiration!
 It was more like an experience than a shop.  It had a cinema in it (to park the kids) and you sit and have a free cuppa and cake in cosy corners of the shop.
We plan to go again - what else should we see in Nottingham?
PS Dear Rosie - I could not find the old Laura Ahsley shop that used to be the main reason for my visits in the 1980's.  I couldn't even remember whereabouts it was! x


Rosie said...

Trying to remember where Laura Ashley used to be, might have been Bridlesmithgate, think it is on Castle Boulevard now. There used to be a wonderful costume museum in a Georgian house in the centre and a canal museum too. Brew House Yard Museum is still open but I haven't been in there for ages. There was a Lace museum/heritage centre in a church in the Lace Market area just close to The Contemporary I remember the church had a Burne Jones window - think it is a restaurant now. Apparently the garden behind the Paul Smith shop is fascinating if you can get a look. Glad you had a super time in Nottingham, Diane. Great photos:)xx

Jan said...

It looks like you had a great day out. Nottingham is about an hour's drive from us (round the dreaded M42!). I think we should make the effort and explore. Jx

Angel Jem said...

I haven't been to Nottingham for years! It does look good; is the Robin Hood Experience still there? And I seem to remember the castle was fun to wander in.

ChrisJ said...

Diane, I will be back to read your blog, but just wanted to let you know that I have added your link to my blog Flamblogger for you contributing to my thought process. I'm assuming and very much hope I have not broken any protocol by not asking you first.

Linda P said...

We tend to go to the theatre in the evening and only walk a short distance from the car park. I'd like to go back in the daytime as I know we're missing out on an interesting place. The window in the church showing the lady with the lace trimmed veil is beautiful. Lovely photos. I like all the close up details that you noticed.

Katharine A said...

A great introduction (for me) to Nottingham. I have never been. Enjoyed your tour. Wondered if like me you wait to take photos so places look empty, or it really was quite empty.
You've aways got to fit one shop into a trip, plus coffee.

Lisa said...

Beautiful stained glass windows. You did see a lot on your trip. That statue of BC is very good indeed. Seeing as they have a RH one maybe they should do a Sheriff of Nottingham and make it look like Alan Rickman!
I have seen those crockery bird feeders on Pinterest and fancy having a go, and the bird house/watering can idea if fab too. Wonderful post.
Lisa x

Lyn said...

never been but it looks a lovely place to visit, you are so like me....snapping photos of city buildings xxxx

Curtise said...

I really enjoyed my recent visits to Nottingham, it's got some lovely architecture, as you've shown in your fantastic photos! I'd like to go back again too. xxx

Jacquie said...

Hi Diane, glad you had a good time in Nottingham. I like to visit Green's mill. It's a working windmill just about a mile from the market square. You can park there for free. I did a post about it here

Jacquie x

Young at Heart said...

I've never been....feel like I've had a day out!!x

...Nina Nixon... said...

Blimey - I've just realised the last time I went to Nottingham was some time in '98 ish...I have no excuses now to go back for a mooch.

Unknown said...

Wow! Nottingham looks like a a wonderful city. I, too, am a fan of architecture and it looks like N-ham has lots to see. I'll add it to my "places to see" the next time I am in the UK!