Thursday 28 May 2015

St Michael's Mount

We had a very foggy day in St Ives, and we know from experience that if you travel just 6 miles to the opposite coast, you can often find a completely different day.  And so we found ourselves at St Michael's Mount in Marazion.

 It is always mystical and magical and never fails to impress - no matter how many times we have visited (and we've lost count now).
 The island is joined to the mainland by a causeway that can be walked at low tide.
 But we had to cross by boat as the tide was in when we arrived.
 The house is full of history and has so much to see as you wander around.

 But the most spectacular thing about the Mount (in my opinion) is the spectacular garden around the back  - facing out to sea.
 Because this sits in the gulf stream, so many exotic and tropical plants grow clinging to this granite rock.

 We loved our trip across to Marazion - the fog had still not lifted when we got back to St Ives.

And the National Trust cafe's on the Island are great too!


Rosie said...

I've seen it and been close to it so many times but never been on the island - it looks wonderful and the garden looks splendid. What a difference in weather too just across from one coast to the other:)

Lyn said...

I remember years ago, my mum and I went over to in a boat but it was a little rowing boat, a bit choppy and way too small for my liking!
and we got over there and everything was closed so we had to come back again!
I have been since with Hubby and found it delightful.
Lovely photos again my dear.

Linda P said...

St. Michael's Mount looks so romantic from afar and it's years since I've seen it from across the water. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos of the interior, the rock garden and views.

Unknown said...

Oh! What a place! I've never been to the west end of the UK and it is high on our priority list for the next time we visit (2018?) We saw Mont St. Michel last year in Normandy and now we'd love to see it;s brother on the English coast. What marvellous views and gardens. It really is a place of beauty!

Angel Jem said...

One of my favourite places in Cornwall!

Mike@Bit About Britain said...

It's a magical place. We visited the last time we were in Cornwall but my photos aren't that great. Rats - that means we'll have to visit again!

Rowan said...

There are some fabulous photos in your previous post - Cornwall is a beautiful place. I've only been there once although I spent many childhood holidays in Devon. St Michael's Mount looks well worth a visit, I've seen it but didn't go across - definite error on my part I think!

Curtise said...

Beautiful! I think I need to visit - I've been to Mont St Michel but I really should check out our version, shouldn't I?! xxx

Lisa said...

Lovely bursts of colour and lush greenness, lovely to see on a windy grey morning here in the south.
Have you had your hair done? It looks lighter and very nice indeed.
Lisa x

magicmoonmusings said...

My goodness, what a magical place...stunning. Your photography is amazing.