Saturday 5 December 2009

Gifts from Italy

Hi All.
This week is proving to be far more exciting than last week. The dancing queen got to dance at a concert for World Aids Day (too dark in the club to take decent photos). As usual the dancers were really great. On Wednesday, hubby and I went to see the really lovely Jo Brand talk about her Autobiography " Look back in Hunger" which is about her life up until she became a comedienne. It is one of the first events to be held in the recently renovated Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, so it was great to get back in there for a nosey around. Jo Brand herself was very entertaining, she is a great story teller and she is really lovely. I was quite surprised by the audience. I thought that they would be all around my age, but many were much older.

I also received a great Christmas Prezzy from the little ray of Italian sunshine that is Michela .
As well as the lovely necklace, she sent me beauty goodies (how did she know I needed them?!) and Chocolates - which disappeared before the camera came out!!!. She also sent something for the Dancing Queen - which thrilled her to bits!! She thinks that we should adopt Michela so that she can become her older sister!

I really loved the little card that came with my gifts. Many thanks Michela, you made my day!

Ive got a really great weekend planned - I'm taking my camera so I can share.


Lisa said...

I bet JB was very entertaining indeed!
What a beautiful necklace you received from Michela.
Hope you are enjoying all you have planned.
Lisa x

Rosie said...

I like Joan Brand and the book looks interesting - I saw her interviewed on TV a few weeks ago about it. What lovely gifts from Michela - the necklace is very pretty:) Looking forward to seeing your weekend photos - now I wonder where you've been?

Caroline said...

Can not wait to see what you had planned this weekend!
I saw Jo Brand on tele last night, as host of Have I got news for you, I really liked her there actually. I think she is a great character and genuinely funny.
Lovely gifts you received! How are your Christmas preparations going?

Rosie said...

oops - I meant Jo Brand of course:)