Thursday 7 January 2010

As cold as Bastogne

My hubby loves anything to do with World War 2, and one of his favorite programs is the excellent "Band of Brothers". My title refers to the episode in which "Easy Company" are in Bastogne in Belgium mid battle, in foxholes in the forest in freezing cold temperatures with little or no medical supplies and totally inadequate clothing. At the end of the episode, one of the American soldiers who actually fought in the battle explains that whenever it is really really cold, he says to his wife that it is " As cold as Bastogne". It is one of the most tense pieces of television that I have ever seen. This morning, in South Yorkshire, it was as cold as Bastogne.

My New Years Resolution for 2010 (as every year) is to lose 2 stone, except this year, I really am setting goals in order to achieve this. One thing I plan on doing, is walking home from work (about a 2 hour walk - it takes 15 mins in the car!!) as often as possible. In order to do this, I have to get a lift there in the morning (but I think in Summer, I may walk both ways.). The main problem is that all the routes are either on a very busy dual carriageway (with no pavement - suicide!!) or through very lonely lanes and woods - so I have to do this when hubby can walk to meet me (it only takes him 1 hour 5 mins - he has very long legs and mine are very short).
On Monday, before the huge snowfall, we did the walk. Come along with me.

As you can see it was a great afternoon. One walk takes me past this church.

With its lovely Lych Gate. The Church is in a very remote spot. I suppose it wasn't always so. Several of my very ancient relatives are buried here (according to my mother) but they have no headstones as they were a very poor bunch. I'll have to get to have a look at the records one day.
As we neared home, the sky was a very striking shade of pink.

I thought this photo of the lane that we walked down illustrates how deceptive blogland can be. Who wouldn't want to live in this gorgeous little cottage with its smoking chimney and delightful garden? Well me, I wouldn't live here if you paid me. Why? I couldn't get a decent picture to illustrate this, but the M1 runs straight through its back garden! About 50 yards from the house. Whilst it may look idyllic, the noise is incredible.

One thing I am making the most of, is my precious slow cooker. On Monday, I left a piece of rolled Brisket cooking away all day. Today it was Chilli. Great for me, as I am at work slaving over a hot computer all day, but torturous for anyone left in the house with the delicious smells wafting around.

I did also walk home yesterday - a different way, but no photos as I was concentrating on staying upright - the snow was up to my knees!! I am really enjoying not using the car.


Lx @ Twelve said...

Hello Brave Lady -
Doing that walk in the snow! Seriously impressed.

I have a slow cooker - now need to face the fear & use it!

Loved the snow faces in the bustop - are they still there?


Colette said...


How about biking it instead of walking? That is my pan once the weather is a bit better. Walking does just your legs, for me it is back fat and bingo wings too, so I think a bike may well be the answer for me.

Colette x

Country Rose said...

How nice of Lettie (Colette) to mention back fat! haha
I like the idea of a bike but I'd be too terrified here in the big city to ride it. The roads are crazily busy and I'm sure I'd end up in hospital with some sort of injuries..
Thanks for having a browse through my blog.. I doubt anyone will be too interested in what I'm doing! But I'm finding the blogging experience quite therapeutic.. putting my thoughts down in front of me..
Ashley x

Anonymous said...

Don't suppose you could tell me which church that is, I'm getting married next year so am currently the blog by the way!

Rosie said...

Loved 'Band of Brothers' and I remember that episode very well! I always try and walk everywhere if I can but in this weather it takes twice as long because of watching every step. Have to do a 40 minute each way walk today. You are very brave to walk for 2 hours though - I don't know which are safest - busy roads or isolated roads - do take care and have fun.

p.s. one of my pomanders went 'manky' before it dried out properly too!

menopausalmusing said...

Well done you! I am the fattest I have ever been in my life at the moment and need to do something about it.......

I bet you feel great for walking and getting so much fresh air.

walter and me said...

Good for you! Walking is such a great way to get fit, and be in nature at the same time (ok, not by dual carriageways...).

The Curious Cat said...

ooo be careful out walking - people are breaking legs in this weather! What a lovely little walk...I like the for the cottage...hmm...I'm sure it isn't so mum lives by the M3 and whilst you can hear the whooshing of the cars, you get used to it - it is not so bad. I thought it would be awful but I was swayed. xxx

MarmaladeRose said...

You've wished me well with my New Years Resolution and I really, really wish you well with yours! A 2 hour walk after being at work all day, and in this freezing weather!
Go for it girl. Make it happen.

Best wishes Fi x

Petit Filoux said...

I’ve heard that program is very good, this might decide me to watch it! Although I already have such a backlog of things to watch…!

That is one long walk – you’re so lucky to finish at 3pm, at least you get to enjoy some of it in daylight!! Love your leg length comparison by the way!!

That looks delicious!! I don’t have a slow cooker, but I love the idea of putting something in there in the morning and leaving to cook all day x

MarmaladeRose said...

Hello again.
Forgot to tell you where my fabric came from. This particular piece was a 1930's inspired pattern called antique treasures and was bought from Embsay Craft Mill, near Skipton in North Yorkshire.
Here is a link to their website. Online they concentrate on papercrafts, but instore they have oodles of patchwork fabrics and needle craft stuff. And... there is a cafe with squishy sofas and newspapers for our men.

harmony and rosie said...

I can't claim to have watched "Band of Brothers" but it's definitely as cold as Bastogne down here! Good for you for seriously thinking about all that walking, you'll be super fit in no time at all.

Thanks also for reminding me about my slow cooker, there's a brilliant invention if ever there was one!

Lyn said...

I lost quite a bit of weight when I walked back and to to work, but it's not possible now. It's a good way to loose it.
Good Luck,
I too need to loose some weight, 2 stone would be good!!

elsy said...

well done diane......very inspiring, will also try walking more in 2010....dont know about 4 hours a day though

Country Rose said...

I'm so sorry for making you feel queasy! haha
I looked up those books.. they sound rlly gd, so think I'm going to get the student nurse one from amazon. Only 94p! bargain!
But I will make sure you know what I get u to during my student nurse day's..! x

Julia said...

Thats a lovely walk but Im glad you are thinking about staying safe as well as getting fit and healthy!
I know exactly what you mean about those gorgeous cottages, we see some pretty ones on the way to my sis down the A1, but that roaring road is practically outside their front doors!!

Sending love,
good luck with your weight loss too!

Julia xxx

Lisa said...

Hats off to you Mrs H'shaped for walking in all that snow. You'll get to see the world in all seasons though!
Take care and enjoy your weekend.
Lisa x

jane and the happy crow said...

Hi Diane, I am a new convert to the delights of the slow cooker. My mother-in-law was chucking an unused one out and I thought, go on give it a try and now quite a lot of our dinners are cooked in it. Isnt it lovely to come home to dinner ready and waiting its like someone else has done it for you! I love the Graffiti art in your last post, bet they will take a long time to melt. Jane x

lesley said...

Hi Diane,
What a shame about the cottage!!
I too am interested in WW2, Dad was a Commando, 19 yrs old at the time of D Day, have to rake out some old photo's to send you xx
sorry it's a short note, my lift is :o(

Unknown said...

We love Band of Brothers, and every so often we get the dvds out again and have a band of brothers fest.
In fact not watched it for a while now...
Good luck on your walks, great for losing weight, walking in the amount of snow we have is like walking on sand, great exercise!
Rosie x

The Girl said...

2 hour walk?! You're a brave woman. Although I guess if you don't have the car and have no choice then it makes things a little easier!

The pink sky must have been beautiful to look at.

PS I've tagged you in an award, come on over to pick it up!