Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Full Monty

The film location featured in the previous post (for Michela's benefit as I presume most of you Brit Bloggers have seen it) was of course "The Full Monty" one of the funniest yet saddest films of our time and filmed entirely on location in Sheffield. It was the location of the "car in the canal" scene. Did you get it?

I am having problems leaving some of you bloggers messages - currently Sarah Jane Down the Lane is causing me trouble!!! Ive found in the past its when you add too many bits of "stuff"/ add ons on your blogs.

We are having a HUGE snowfall currently which has trapped the Heart Shaped family in the house - I did attempt to walk to work, but my boss called me and told me to turn back!


Beki said...

I know it can be a pain but there's no denying the snow looks beautiful.
My OH lived in Sheffield when he was younger and looks back on it as the worse time of his life (I think they lived in quite a rough area) but your pictures make it look lovely.
I think I may need to visit one day to see for myself.
Happy New Year
Beki xxx

Michela said...

What a lovely boss you have, I wish mine would have said me "stay at home" when we were snowed!
Thank you for answering to my question..we have "Full Monty" in the exotic Italy too ;-) ...I just hate watching films! xxx
P.S.You're like the Bible for me!

Joanne said...

Oh I hope your enjoying your unexpected day off. A huge snownfall, well I hope it's on it's way down to us as we are feeling a little left out at the moment.

Joanne x

andamento said...

Happy New Year!

Enjoy the snow and your day off!


The Girl said...

Lucky you!!

The boyfriend got in to Sheffield but was told to go home at 10am because the snow was that bad. He had no clue because it wasn't snowing in Hull when he left! By the time he got back home we had a couple of inches though.

I've been hoping to get sent home early but I'm thinking it's unlikely seeing as I a) walk and b) am only 20 minutes away!

The Curious Cat said...

Looking through the last few posts and there are some wonderful photos here. I enjoyed the Sheffield walk - I'd love to visit one day, I always here so many good things about it from friends who have studied there or visited.

You have some really thick snow there! We're on tenderhooks waiting for it to hit the capital. The south is meant to get the worst of it...I'd look forward to it if only my house were warmer!

As for new years resolutions - two stone is a good aim - my work colleague did it with weight-watchers last year in time for her wedding! I'd like to shed a bit of weight too- just a couple of pounds here and there. Got an email from someone I wrote to about volunteering...fingers crossed! xxx

Heather @ Littletinbird said...

What a nice boss you have!

Marie said...

Stay in, keep nice and warm and enjoy your unexpected day off! We have had more snow during the night in Glasgow, i think it's making its way down the UK through today.......hoping my boss will phone before I go back to work tomorrow, it's unlikely though!!

harmony and rosie said...

Gosh you really do have a lot of snow and we're expecting a huge downfall any moment now. Our heating has been on constant for hours now - not great for the carbon footprint but it's that or turning to ice!


oh my ! We have heavy snow forecast tonight too - 40cm !!!! Oh dear...

Lyn said...

Oh snow days are great! I love them.
We both had the day off today although Hubby tried and got stuck on the M62!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Oh no!

My naughty blog page! Must investigate!

Happy New Year Diane, hope you and all your dear hearts had a good one?

Not sure what is going on over at my place,thanks for the tip off,

Sarah x

Lisa said...

And you must do what your boss says!
We have had a big flurry of snow here down south!
Lisa x

...Nina Nixon... said...

'Oh wow' look at all that snow!!

Nina xxxx

Rebecca said...

What a nice boss you have, Milton Keynes is now full of snow, cant get into work today and most of the schools are shut!

Rosie said...

We have snow here in Stoke but nothing like the amount you have around you. Hope you enjoyed your 'snow-day' off - what a kind boss you have! I do like to have everyone home safe and sound on days like these:)

Jennyff said...

Wonder if you'll get to work tomorrow, there doesn't seem much sign of better weather for a week or more. Enjoy your time at home, keep warm.

Renaissance said...

What a great boss!

lesley said...

My boss just said "Now what if I can't get in tomorrow?" "Are you okay to cover?" Cheers big ears!!! lol

elsy said...

my boss said the same diane.....arent we lucky.....happy new year