Friday 1 January 2010

Langsett Resevoir

Hubby and I felt the need for a long walk, somewhere a bit remote but not too far away. The young man begged for "a day off", so we left him behind and the dancing queen had not emerged from her friends house, so we had the walk all to ourselves - with NO MOANING!!!!! We drove to Langsett Reservoir which is about 8 miles away from us, but on the edge of the "Dark Peak" near to the Woodhead Pass on the edge of the Pennines. There is still lots of deep snow around here, and walking was tricky in parts because of the ice.

As soon as you enter the forest, you can't believe that you are still in South Yorkshire.
The moors stretch over to the Derwent Dams - it looked very foreboding but truly spectacular covered with snow. There is the remains of an old farm up here called "North America " farm. It must have been a tough existance to live here before Land Rovers were invented.

Hubby absolutely loves this walk. He likes to get as far away from civilisation as possible!!! The reservoir was built in the early 1900's by damming the river Don (which is really only a small stream up here). There are several dams along this valley through Stocksbridge which was once famous for its steel works. Samuel Fox steel employed thousands of people in the area, and even when I left school in 1976, many school leavers gained employment here. Sadly, there's not much of it left.

We resisted calling in at the pub, and the cafe (New Years resloutions and all - more of which at a later date!!) and headed off home to eat the Parsnip soup that I had made with the glut of parsnips that I had left over. Very tasty it was too.
A brilliant walk to start the New Year.


Sal said...

That's a lovely walk!
We've had no snow although there was a dusting on Dartmoor.
A very Happy New Year!
Sal ;-)

Lyn said...

Lovely photos Diane. It is good to get away and into the fresh air. I am a bit 'walked out' But still not quite ready to go back to work on monday!

walter and me said...

Doesn't the world look beautiful covered in a sprinkling of snow?
Happy New Year to you Diane, I hope it's all you wish for.

harmony and rosie said...

Not surprised hubby loves that walk, it is beautiful. No snow here in Dorset but lovely walks all the same. Happy New Year, Diane, I hope it's a grand one!!

Kate x

Michela said...

Happy New Year!!! Thank you for giving me a breath of fresh air, while I'm playing bingo with my family..I've enough...
The Yorkshire chips were a very special treat on our table this evening (13 mouths!)

John Going Gently said...

thanks for your comment on my blog.
I lived in sheffield for 17 years. (Hillsborough and Walkley)

I worked at the Northern General and walked up Langsett and redmires every day with my dogs!

miss the city still!

BadPenny said...

Oh Diane these images are spectacular !
You made me laugh & laugh yesterday at the Hen House... our daughters had a similar New Years Eve walking from one house to another - mine looking after a hysterical girl whose BF was in the group stopped by the Fuzz !!!

Oh yes I do drink ( far too much ) see the bottles of red wine in my photo? We are what I call
" Fleshy " on my mum's side which I think helps to pad out the wrinkles - why botox when you can do it with flesh ?! I have a LOT of grey hair too but it didn't show up in the photo!

Looking forward to comparing more notes in 2010 xx

Rosie said...

What a great walk - no wonder it is a favourite one. Coming back to homemade parsnip soup sounds good too - I love parsnip soup:)

Blueberry Heart said...

Hi, That walk looks the stuff to blow away the cobwebs! Looks a gorgeous place for a wander. We had similar here in the early 80's with the stellworks closing, almost ruined the town. Hope you have a FAB 2010, long may your posts continue to bring a tear (of mirth) to my eye!!!
Best wishes BH x

Unknown said...

Happy New Year! We are lucky living here, Sth Yorkshire has lots of little secrets like that!
Rosie x

menopausalmusing said...

Happy New Year! May your blog go from strength to strenth! :O)x

Joanne said...

Happy New Year Diane, I hope it's a good one for you.
Your photo's are glorious, what a fantastic walk.
Look forward to more of your walks over the next year.

Best wishes
Joanne x

...Nina Nixon... said...

Absolutely magnificent - the pictures took my breath away!

Happy New Year by the way and here's to a brilliant one.

Nina xxxxx


Absolutely gorgeous photos Diane. No wonder you both love this walk so much! And it didn't really twig with me until today just how far you have to come to your "second home"

We have had no snow here ... not a single snowflake! but it is bitterly cold

Sending love for a very happy new year

Carolyn xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. Make me think of the moors in Jane Eyre!

Marie said...

That landscape is spectacular, looks like a magnificent place to walk and blow away the cobwebs:-)

Gilly said...

Now that looks a really chilly walk! But very beautiful, and asway from it all with a vengeance!

Julia said...

Happy New Year dear soul!

My goodness, you were but a stones throw away from my little house!! If Id have known you were in the vicinity I could have had a warming hot toddy for you both at the ready!! :D

Lovely photos, looks like you enjoyed a stunning snowy day out!

Much love
Julia xxx

ps - and at this rate, we are definately going to bump into one another before the year is out!!
x x x

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Diane
What a beautiful place to walk and with the snow it looks so magical. How lovely! It's always good to blow the cobwebs away after days of party food and such.
Did you see Elvis on TV last night?? It was great - a true Elvis-fest! And of course I thought of you when I saw it :-)
Have I wished you Happy New Year yet? If not, here's hoping you have a 2010 of health, happiness and plenty of heart shaped magic.
Happy days to you,
Denise x

Ticking stripes said...

Happy new year Diane. Love both these walk posts and the pictures are great. I especially like the teasel and spey(?) photos in the last post...