Sunday 18 April 2010

7 more things.

I was tagged recently by the lovely Christy, who lives all the way across the pond in America, and also the lovely Julia, who lives all the way across the fields in another part of South Yorkshire, to reveal 7 things about myself. I have done this a couple of times before in previous posts, so I have delved deep to come up with another 7 - as my daughter would say - "random" things about me. Here goes:

1. As you know, I am only 15years old mentally, which means I am entitled to have a schoolgirl type crush on the go the whole time. My current "crush" is the most handsome, gorgeous Dan Snow. What a lovely young man!! The problem at my age is that it has to be a "young" man, as older men are just "old" men!!!

2. I am a bit addicted to ginger. I love to cook with it, eat it, drink it etc Its currently my favourite flavour. I am currently loving Twinings Ginger and Lemon tea.

3. I much prefer to be thrifty than extravagant. Being thrifty brings out my creative side. I get a real buzz from producing a great meal for next to nothing, especially if I have grown any of the ingredients.

4. The only job I never wanted to do when I was a girl, was work in an office - and its the only job I have ever done!! My current ideal job would be either Artisan Cheesemaker (inspired by Alex James of Blur), Specialist Beer Brewer, Wine or Olive oil producer. My scool careers teacher never told me jobs like that existed.

5. I wrote my Junior school's "School Hymn" when I was about 8 years old - "Jesus is our loving friend" . It was the start and end of my musical career, but it did get me photographed sat on the Bishop of Wakefield's knee, which appeared on the front page of the Yorkshire Post, which was advertised on TV - achieving about 2 minutes worth of my "15 minutes of fame"!

6. There is no food now that I do not like. Until recently, I couldn't eat Brussel Sprouts (my mums fault - she used to boil them to a mush - adding Bicarbonate of Soda to them making the whole house smell of f*rts" - not appetising) and I couldn't eat Pineapple either. But I persevered and I can eat anything now!

7. I am missing Michela.

I would love to know 7 things more about you all, so if you feel like revealing, then feel free to pick this up.


A garden just outside Venice said...

It's nice to meet you Diane! Point no.4 is certainly something that we've in common, but luckily before becoming a prisoner, I worked for over a year in a hotel and then in a travel agency
;-) xxxxx

love those cupcakes said...

A short but impressive music career. I wonder, do they still have your compositon as the school hymn?

menopausalmusing said...

I share number two with you.... I also drink that tea and I grate raw ginger into apple and ginger cake.... yum!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

My favourite is no 3 I also like to be thrifty. I made my daughter wear a suit made from curtains to a wedding, and many of my curtains have been made from sheets. (PS Childline not required suit looked lovely and DD adored it). My favourite thrifty food is to cook shoulder of lamb completely wrapped in foil in a lidded casserole with no fat for about 4hours in the oven at a low temperture. Fat melts, bone lifts out clean, all thats left is chunks of lamb. Dont buy leg any more. Perfect with homegrown veg and new potatoes!

Rosie said...

Enjoyed reading your seven 'random' things! I'm sitting at the computer drinking Ginger and Lime tea and eating one of Paul's home-made ginger biscuits so I think I like ginger too. Hope the school still sing your school hymn - I expect there aren't many people who can say that they have sat on the Bishop of Wakefield's knee:)

Julia said...

Ooh that tea is a nice one isn't it! I rather went in for ginger when I was expecting my daughter - ginger beer and ginger biscuits, you name it, I swilled it or ate it!!

Are you feeling a bit better yet by the way? Hope you are, much love Julia x x x

Selfsewn said...

mmm I'm a secret ginger beer drinker!

And I've wanted to make cheese, have you read 'blessed are the cheesesmakers' ?


Homes and Dreams said...

Ooooh I love ginger too! My favourite ginger thing is Wensleydale with ginger from the Hawes Creamery - delicious!

Lisa said...

Am sat here imagining you sipping ginger tea and exclaiming 'young man' when Dan Snow makes an appearance on TV!
Lisa x

Marie said...

I'd love some tips about overcoming dislike of Brussels sprouts. I want to like them, but I can't get past the childhood memories of being faced with soggy centred smelly matter on the plate. What's your secret?!

The Girl said...

Dan Snow. Hell yes. I will fight you for him.

BadPenny said...

Random ! I swear our children learn all sorts of random things about us when they have a look at our blogs!

Dan Snow doesn't do it for me as he's so like his dad but did you hear he's been going over to France in a power boat to pick up stranded Brits !!! Hero !

...Nina Nixon... said...

A fascinating list there and a great read - the things you find out.

take care,

Nina x

lesley said...

I enjoyed reading that! Makes me think of school times again, we too were channelled into certain careers, I can remember everyone being scared of our careers bad is that?! Probably why I left England at 18 to go & work in Liechtenstein!

Simone said...

I love all things ginger too!!! I am the same as you saying that I never wanted to work in an office and that is what I did for most of my working life!

harmony and rosie said...

Have you tried Border's dark chocolate ginger biscuits? They are seriously ginger-y and seriously delicious, believe me.

Thanks for your lovely comment.

Kate x