Saturday 8 October 2011

Continental Yorkshire

Hubby and I had a day off work yesterday. We needed to go to Leeds to put a curtain rail and curtains up for the DQ as her student accommodation didn't have any. She decided to accompany us on our day out. She is much happier on her course in Leeds and with her new classmates, and new housemates - so fingers crossed that this continues. We feel like we have gotten the old DQ back. When she is upset or angry, she tends to take it out on us and treats us a bit like the enemy, but when she is happy, she is a delight to spend time with. We had originally devised a rainy day plan, but had to switch to Plan B when the skies appeared so blue!

We drove to Harrogate, a very pretty Yorkshire town and well worth a visit if you have never been. The DQ remarked how "Parisian" it felt - and she was right.

The houses in Harrogate are enormous, and often split into apartments selling for over £500,000 each. It is a very wealthy town and up until recently was noted for its "older" welathy citizens, but recently the population has become much younger and very trendy. It is full of "Yummy Mummy's" and "Ladies that Lunch".
It has a great selection of shops. You get the normal high street shops, department stores and also some exclusive (and out of my price range) boutiques and specialist shops. I wish I had dared take photographs in James Brindley's - If you need inspiration for Christmas decorating, head straight there!
It's wonderful to wander around the town - listening to the fantastic buskers and looking at the varied architecture.
It was once a Victorian Spa town and I believe that you can still visit the baths, but they are more like a modern day spa these days.
Agatha Christie once famously disappeared for 11 days and was found here in Harrogate. They claimed she was suffering depression and came here to get away from it all - wise choice I say.
We once had an opportunity to taste the famous waters in the pump house. If ever you get the chance - AVOID IT! Imagine bad eggs x 100 ! I can't imagine why the Victorians thought it would do them good!
We continued to wander around the town - the day was so perfect.

Harrogate has a skirt of lovely parks all the way around it. The flowers are still blooming here and everything is kept lovely.

There are many gorgeous places to eat or have refreshments.
The most famous (and possibly the most expensive) is the famous Betty's.

The window displays are always amazing - whatever the season.

Whenever we wander around towns and cities in France, we always take home a box of "patisserie", however here in Yorkshire, we brought home a lovely box of buns!!!
If you have never been to Harrogate - put it on your list.


Victoria said...

I love Harrogate. I used to go all the time with my friend but I haven't been in ages. Must pay a visit soon! x

Kathy said...

Haven't been to Harrogate for years and years .... it's always on my list but we never seem to get there! I love Betty's ... we always go when we're in York.
Glad to hear that your daughter is much happier. She sounds a bit like my lovely girl ... who still needs to vent her stresses on her nearest and dearest.... but is such wonderful company on good days!!!! Meanwhile the boy has phoned home twice in three weeks away, and has said 'it's good, yeah'.
Have a good weekend!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Harrogate looks like a place I'd like to visit. Very nice architecture. Those cakes are so delicious looking!
Isabelle x

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Harrogate is a fantastic place to visit! Glad you had a lovely day.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Louise said...

I've never been to Harrogate but after this post it's on my list!

Miss Holly said...

It does have a Paris feel!!! It is going on my list absolutely!! Are you still having the lovely weather? It looks like you had a beautiful day!

harmony and rosie said...

I love Harrogate, it has a really good feel to the place.

Carol said...

Hi Diane, glad to hear DQ is happy at her new uni, you must all be feeling so much better.
I agree Harrogate is a really lovely place, stayed there a couple of times and also regularly visited the Spring Flower show when it was held in the Valley Gardens.
Carol xx

Anonymous said...

I agree with Carol. Harrogate is so very elegant! Interesting post.

Jewel said...

Looks fantastic! Very beautiful and fantastic architecture! I will have to add it to my 'to visit' list! x

Rosie said...

Years and years since we went to Harrogate although I'm not sure if I'm mixing it up with memories of Knaresborough where we went in the oldest chemist shop in England. Your photos are wonderful and have made me want to re-visit:)

somewhere on the avenue said...

Harrogate is on my list, ive wanted to go there for ages. I went to Bettys in York, expensive but worth every penny. xx

jennyfreckles said...

What excellent photos and a lovely write-up. I love visiting Harrogate - must go again soon. You were lucky with the weather.

Twiggy said...

I love Harrogate, we haven't been for years. Mr Twigs used to commute to work every day to Harrogate from South Kirkby in his little old mini !!
His uncle used to live in a pretty cottage in Markington just outside Harrogate so we spent many a happy and boozy time there :)
glad you had a lovely time.
twiggy x

Lyn said...

very Parisian, and with perfect weather too more like Paris than Yorkshire!

ChrisJ said...

Mmmm! Curd tarts and cream slices!! Almost worth the plane fare!! I have been through Harrogate many times but don't ever remember stopping. It looks quite fashionable.

Susan T said...

Harrogate one of my favourite places. My favourite shop WOODS I could wander around there for ages and yearn for all the beautiful linens.

Lisa said...

My mum went there the other week! She went on a coach trip with her auntie and she LOVED it. Thanks for showing me what she'd seen!
Lisa x

Janet said...

I just love Harrogate ! I remember John treating me to afternoon tea in Bettys once -it was a real treat ! loved the mirror downstairs that was signed by all the RAF men during the war-funny the things you remember the most isn`t it ?

lovethosecupcakes said...

One of my favourite places and now I'm craving a fat rascal!

Anna at the Doll House said...

Harrogate really does look lovely in your photographs. I must confess that I had always associated it with retired people on coach tours. However, You have shown me an up-dated side to the town.



Jackie, Erik, Jake, Drew said...

Harrogate looks really beautiful and indeed very french. Have to admit the bright blue sky does make everything look even prettier. Please say hi to Becky and glad to hear she is happy at her new Uni. We could do with a Betsy's over here, I especially love the Halloween treats! xx

Rowan said...

I love Harrogate - my friend Linda and I usually try and get there a couple of times a year and we always have afternoon tea in Bettys. Lots of lovely shops to look round too.