Sunday 18 December 2011

City Walk

Hubby and I had been trying to attempt a walk for a couple of days, but "Mum & Dad's" taxi service had been in full use, so on Saturday we seized the opportunity and did one of my favourite city walks. We parked up at Meadowhall - as we had dropped the DQ at work - and walked down the footpath alongside the river Don into Sheffield. The footpath is well maintained as it is part of the Five Weirs Walk , but the marvellous steel walkways are often victim to metal theft these days. This scarey spider has survived though.

Many of the old industrial units by the river are now derelict, but a few were occupied and in full swing.

We spotted some fab graffiti painted on one building.

We reached the city and ended up on the " Wicker" - one of Sheffield's historical streets, full of fabulous grade II listed buildings but sadly now a more run down part of town.
The Wicker Arches used to carry the main railway line from Manchester, but this line and station are no longer used.
Can you see the patched up bit? A relic from the Sheffield Blitz.
At this stage, it started to pour with rain and sleet, so we popped into a gorgeous little pattiserie. Its years since I stepped into an eaterie on the Wicker and it was really lovely.
Once refreshed, we took time to explore some of the great buildings on the road.
The history of some of these buildings are amazing and should be preserved. I always love finding history and interest that I have not seen before - in places that I visit or pass through often. Its all about looking that bit closer.

There are some fascinating old buildings at the end of the Wicker. Until the floods in 2007, these housed a furniture shop, but they are empty now. I hope they don't get pulled down.

I wanted to photograph this area as it is where 2 rivers converge. The tunnel on the right brings the river Sheaf (where Sheffield takes its name from) from its culvert under the city, to join the river Don.
Whilst it was still raining, we thought we would pop into Castle Market - Sheffield indoor market who's days are apparently numbered. I've not been to Castle market since about 1980, and the area around it is very run down, but we were both gobsmacked to find how lovely it was inside. It was really clean and tidy. I'm planning a return trip for a better look.
Once back outside, the sun was shining, so we headed down to the canal basin for our return leg of the walk.

I think that there is a certain beauty in some of the derelict buildings along side the canal.
With the sun now shining brightly, the reflections in the canal where stunning.

The river and canal must have been a wonderful breath of fresh air through the industrial part of the city in the past - it still is. It draws the wildlife right into the heart of Sheffield. We saw a Kingfisher - as we have every time we have done this walk. And we finally got to take a walk! x


Sue Hayton said...

Fab! Lovely pix and one of my favorite areas too.

Enjoy Christmas and looking forward to blog in 2012!

two bones and a bagle said...

I have worked in one of those old buildings a few times it used to be a Nat West Bank. My Dad used to shop in the castle market all the time he was on first name terms with lots of the people on the stalls and always got the christmas turkey from there. I remember going into the market - oh actually just remembered I worked in there too for a short time on a toy stall - gosh I really had forgotten that - with my friend who used to love the tripe stall and she loved it we used to queue up with the old folk - I did not partake - yuk. Dad used to take us for a cuppa in one of the cafes and just remembered I had a few dates with one of the butcher's boys. They were the days. Also if you are lucky you may catch sight of otters on the merge between the two rivers.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting post, I don't think I have ever spent any time in Sheffield and was unaware of its beauty. Thank you for educating me. The buildings are beautiful and I love to be near canals.

Rosie said...

Lovely post, Diane. You certainly saw lots of wonderful things. How lucky you were to get out for a long walk, it seems ages since we managed a long walk or any walk come to that. I too can see a sort of neglected beauty in derelict, industrial buildings:)

two bones and a bagle said...

Diane - i really do ramble on don't I. The course with Samantha Bryan was the BEST I have ever done. I was completely immersed in fairy land (just for a change) and made the most beautiful creature/fairy. She is almost complete and I am already smitten. I forgot my camera but managed to take some piccies on my phone. will post about it soon.

greenthumb said...

What lovely photos. Is look like you had a great day out, those buildings are lovely.

Nic B said...

Hi Di
My Mum worked at that fruit & Veg stall Bingham & Browns for years,and so did my brother. Debs....I remember the tripe (gip!!) I had the cockles instead!!!
Happy Days!!

Kathy said...

I'm really envious! We haven't been out for a long walk for ages ... it's been raining here pretty much non-stop for over two weeks now. You always find such interesting places to go to!

Janet said...

Now that was a walk down memory lane -it`s been a while ! Thanks for the reminder-have enjoyed this post-
Loved your last post too -very professional I must say xx

Hope you and your family have a super Christmas much love xxx

Mad about Craft said...

You've made me homesick again!

I used to go under Wicker Arches to get to my Gran's on the bus from town.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I did this walk earlier in the year with my daughter and saw some Kingfishers (or it may have been the same one darting about). Try as we may we couldn't get any photos of them.

Lisa said...

That was a very interesting walk to have done. I love that very narrow building.
Bet you felt refreshed for being out and about.
Lisa x

diane b said...

Thank for that interesting walk through the city. I think the old building have a certain beauty about them. I hope they are kept and restored. They would make good apartments. The market looks great.