Sunday, 6 January 2013

A favourite city walk

One of my favourite city walks is from Hunters Bar in Sheffield, through Endcliffe Park and beyond.

 I have brought you here many times before, but with only a small window of opportunity for a walk today, it was an obvious choice.  I love the combination of nature, industrial history and brilliant cafes!
 The cutlery industry started off in the Porter Valley here at the Shepherds Wheel - one of Sheffield's Industrial museums, and a brilliant little place - FOC to enter too.
 I think it is only open on weekends and bank holidays, but is well worth a visit - especially in winter when they always have the fire going!
 They have some of the winding belts running.  I would love to see these all being used.  Can you see the "mule"  where the grinder would sit to grind blades on the grindstones??

 I loved reading about geological features of the area and features like this quarry that I have seen before but didn't know anything about.

 The walk as far as Forge Dam is fairly flat, which was good news today!
 Colour was added on this grey day by the mosses and lichens.
.... and the orange streams that join the Porter Brook - from old mine works around here.

 Forge Dam Cafe is one of my favourite cafes in Sheffield - absolutely nothing fancy, just an old nissen hut with "proper snap"!
 ....and always open!  I often think we should come here for Christmas lunch - perhaps if there is ever just the old man and me.
 We cleaned our boots by the stepping stones,
 .. and were entertained by the brilliant tight rope walker practising his skill.
It was great to be back to normal, and have time to get out walking.  I love Christmas, but it can seem a lot of work - especially for 1 person (and I don't mean Santa!) and it does seem to be over in flash these days.


Deborah said...

Lovely and so interesting. Thanks!

Jan said...

Its been nice to have walking weather again! Glad you've had time to enjoy it. Jx

Lisa said...

Oh how lovely to be out and about in the fresh air. Glad you made the most of the time and went somewhere you love with the added bonus of a good cafe! Top priority I reckon.
Lisa x

John Going Gently said...

Ah hunters bar....the "nice" part of town

Vintage Tea Time said...

Lovely, interesting post - what a fab little museum! And the cafe too!

Mad about Craft said...

as usual you remind me of the favourite bits of my home city. I love that walk. I used do it with my Grandmother and it was the one of the first walks we introduced to our kids when they were very tiny.

Happy New Year!!!!

Curtise said...

It's a great walk, and good cafes at either end, Endcliffe Park or Forge Dam. Might take the kids next weekend, if it's dry. xxx

Rosie said...

I love your city walks, Diane especially when you combine them with warming fires and good food. Did you see the report on stainless steel from Sheffield this morning on BBC Breakfast? I was hoping you were watching it:)

Just Original said...

I must do that walk every time I see one of you inner city walks I think that, but this year my New Years Res is not to be a'Gonna' girl anymore!

Where do you start the walk from and how far is it?

Vanessa x

Gilly said...

Gosh, you do see interesting things on your walks! Tightrope walkers and all! That all looks very interesting - maybe one day I'll get as far as that over the Pennines!

Lyn said...

We love looking for signs of past industry while out walkind, and there are not many places serving food every day of the year!
Yes Jerusalem farm is a campsite run by Calderdale Council and from what we saw looked nice......I think Im liking your idea! xxx

Julie Hargreaves said...

Great photos very interesting to see

Little Blue Mouse said...

What a great walk, and the museum looks really interesting.