Sunday 20 January 2013

YSP in the snow

We managed to get out for a walk today - and a freezing cold walk it was too.

 These photo's are not taken in black and white, it is just that there is no colour in the day at all.

 The lake was frozen.

 Half way round, we called in for soup (and a customary browse around the gift shop).  The new indoor exhibition is pleasing.

 Although the painted pigeons for sale at £125.00 each seem a bit steep!
 Back out in the garden, Barbara Hepworths "Family of Man" stood surrounded by snow.
 I don't think we have ever been here in the snow, so it made a lovely change.
 The sky still looks full of it if you ask me!
Keep warm my lovelies xxx


Lyn said...

I love going to YSP as they often have new sculptures to see. I really want to see that exhibition so might have to nag Hubby to take me! We didn't get very much snow but had a black and white walk ourselves this morning too.

Twiggy said...

We were there last weekend, we're 5 mins down the road and have been sledging all afternoon on Royd Moor. We said exactly the same thing, the sky is full of snow, I'm sure it's on it's way. Hopefully school will be closed tomorrow and I'll have a day off work for my birthday - fingers crossed :)
Twiggy x

elsy said...

youre so lucky to have that on your doorstep diane its one of my fav do try a quilt, have lots of fabric if you need some to start, let me know x

Curtise said...

Ah, it looks fabulous in the snow. The sculptures photograph as well against a sky full of snow as they do against summery blue skies, I think.
Poor giant lady bunny, her magnificent bum must be frozen! I love the big rocking horse, that wasn't there in the summer.

Miss Holly said...

Oh....such a beautiful walk!!! We missed the snow again!!! But it is a glorious day...very windy, sunny and 40's...I'm hoping for a least one storm....but I'm moving into my new lovely sewing studio so I can wait!!!!!!1. Once moved in ..bring it on!!!!!

Carol said...

I don't think we are likely to visit in the snow so I've really enjoyed your photos. Yes, I think there is more snow on the way.
Carol xx

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Everything looks beautiful, from trees to sculpture - love the composition of the first photo in this post Diane. x

Lisa said...

I bet the sculptures looked stunning against the stark white snow.
Love the big rocking horse.
Pigeon is one of S's spellings this week. I have told her to call them pig-e-on to help her remember!
Lisa x

Gilly said...

Great photos - and it looks stunning in the snow. But those bare lovelies made me shiver!

Rosie said...

What a wonderful snowy day out! It all looks gorgeous in the snow. Like the idea of hot soup halfway round:)

Fay McKenzie said...

How utterly beautiful - you're so lucky to have that right on your doorstep. Really loved the photos!

Young at Heart said...

looks beautiful though.....London is looking quite Dickensian now......I need scale for theat rocking horse is it really giant??x

Rowan said...

I really must vsist the YSP - Neil and Cesca say that it's very good so maybe they'll take me when they're visiting one time. The indoor exhibition looks interesting - and warmer!

Jay said...

The sculptures look beautiful against the backdrop of snow.

A garden just outside Venice said...

Beautiful pictures!