Friday, 29 March 2013

Spurn Point

After a brief discussion about where we should head today - hubby and I decided upon Spurn Point - my favourite weirdest place in the UK.  If you don't know where it is, you can see the very long spit of sand here, just past Hull on the East Yorkshire Coast.

 Spurn Point has lots to interest me.  The Geography, Geology, Wildlife and history.  Yorkshire Wildlife Trust now own the spit.  The last time we came here was about 8 years ago, and then you could drive right to the end - but we were informed today that the road has disappeared and so we had to park 3 miles from the end and walk.
 The place is very atmospheric and you really do get "4 seasons in one day" here.  The sun came out - but it was bitterly cold.
 I really enjoyed our very bracing and longer than expected walk.
 You can see here that the road has gone on this very narrow part of the spit.
 There it is - all over the beach!
 Spurn Point has the only full time RNLI crew in the UK.  They are still housed on the end of the spit, but I don't think that their families live out here anymore.

 The Harbour pilots for the Humber are stationed here too.

 The beaches are vast and full of every kind of flotsam and jestsom and great pieces of driftwood.

 Back at the cafe (which has amazing cake, fab coffee and a bit of a visitor centre) we learned how even though we thought that the spit might disappear for good in time, it actually won't.  Mans involvement and preoccupation with trying to save it from erosion has actually made it worse.  By leaving it to the tides and nature, it will move - it needs to move - but it will never disappear.I found this fascinating.

 I also really loved the picture that an artist had made out of plastic he had found on the beaches (there is absolutely tons of it)
 He hasn't coloured any of it - just arranged it.  Genius!
 The Holderness coastline around here is one of the fastest eroding coastlines in the UK.  I loved this sign on the cafe stating that it had been built in 1847 and was 534 yards from the sea.  When it was restored in 1994, it only sits 190 yards from the sea.  The village centre is now under the sea.
 The old wartime sea defences are now scattered all over the beach.  You can actually peer into the old underground bunkers further along - but hubby was complaining bitterly about the cold!
I really love Spurn Point - it is a totally amazing place.


elsy said...

that looks just like bits of norfolk that are falling into the sea....some bungalows hanging over the edge last time we went......scarey stuff the sea. hope you ok now?

Louise said...

What an interesting post, I really enjoyed it! This is one of the many places I'd love to visit one day and I've learned a little more about it today :)

Lyn said...

I have never heard of it Diane. and I love that plastic sculpture!
Thanks for letting me know about July, I look forward to it!

diane b said...

Wow what an interesting place and an invigorating walk.

Elderberry-Rob said...

That is an interesting place, I would love to visit - not least because of the abundance of driftwood. I love that plastic picture by the local artist - amazing what washes up on the beach. Betty

Patricia said...

This was so interesting. I love visiting out of the way places for a good walk.
Patricia x

Linda P said...

Another interesting, out-of-the-way place, Diane. I'm not surprised that you find it fascinating and a good place to take a quiet walk.

Vintage Tea Time said...

Great post! What an interesting post - and lovely photos to guide us. You get out on some good walks! Have a good Easter weekend. x

Lisa said...

What an interesting place you chose for your day out, one for the thermals, but full of so many fabulous vistas.
I think the sculpture is so clever, sad too that so much rubbish is discarded.
I bet the young man would have found it all fascinating too.
Happy Easter to you all.
Lisa x

Plain Jane said...

Oooh I bet you slept well that night! Really interesting post - you've really captured the spirit of the place with those pictures. Hope you've warmed up a bit by now x Jane

Jay said...

That's really interesting, I knew nothing about this part of the UK. I love the picture made from plastic, just gorgeous.

topchelseagirl said...

You do find the most interesting places!

Carol said...

I bet that was indeed bracing! DH is from that area and knows Spurn point well.
Amazing all the coloured bits of plastic washed up, we do seriously pollute our seas.
Carol xx

Unknown said...

What a great article, what a great evocative place. Spurn point is a geological curiosity and one of the best sites in the UK for migrating birds. I run walking tours in the Yorkshire Wolds and I am planning a few walks along this magnificent sand spit in 2013. Just wished more people knew about all the wonderful sites like this in East Yorkshire. if you want to know more or visit:..

Jean said...

I have never been to Spurn Point, it looks a desolately beautiful place, and I just love the plastic rubbish artwork. Being able to turn man's detritus into a thing of beauty takes real imagination. I feel like going there myself just to see that!

greenthumb said...

What a great place to visit, so many great photos.

A garden just outside Venice said...

I do agree, it's really amazing!
I'd love to visit the wild side of England one day!

lazylol said...

Diane - what a fab post. I have lots of memories of Spurn Point and plan on visiting this year. I haven't been for a very long time. One nice sunny day, when we are at the caravan, we will pack a picnic and spend the day there x