Saturday 2 March 2013

Lea And Holloway Walk

Spring has arrived.  Hurray!!!  Today I sat with the sun on my face, and it feels all tingly now as I sit writing this - what a good feeling!
We decided to do a walk that we had done last Spring - around Lea and Holloway, near Matlock in Derbyshire.
 You know I love a walk that combines countryside, industrial history and food, and this walk is perfect for all three.
 I spotted one of my "first signs of Spring"  Catkins in abundance.
 I love the old mill cottages along the way.
 These two little villages have had some very famous inhabitants in the past.

 And there are many fine large houses dotted around in stunning settings nestling in this valley - which is called the "Amber Valley".
 It is one of the most beautiful parts of England in my opinion.  We stood listening to the silence and birdsong at many points along the way.  Beautiful sounds.
 We stopped off at the pub for a snack - its the law.
 And we also stopped off at Lea Gardens for cake and a cuppa - we feel good helping rural business's in this way!!!

 The walk is about 5 miles in total and in parts does not strictly adhere to my Consultants rule of "gentle strolling"!! But we did the uphill bit first so that if I struggled, we could turn around and go back, and once at the top of the hill, it was all downhill anyway.
At the bottom of the hill, we called in the mill shop at the John Smedley factory - just for a quick look.
 I love the fact that such high class, quality goods are still manufactured in this wonderful little corner of the north.
Long may this warm wonderful weather continue! I for one have had enough of winter. xxx


Anonymous said...

Oh that does look like a beautiful visit. The cake looks very yummy too. I hope your lovely weather continues. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. I just love coming along on these visits with you. :)

Lisa said...

Oh it's very welcome seeing such blue sky again.
I'm glad you had such a great time out and about today.
Lisa x

Rebecca said...

Such wonderful photographs, I love it round this area.... especially Lea Gardens! x

greenthumb said...

What a lovely walk you have taken me on.

Down by the sea said...

That looks such a lovely walk in the sunshine. I just regret that we didn't find this lovely place when we were holidaying in Derbyshire.
Sarah x

Jean said...

Lovely photos!
This post made my heart skip a beat.
Lea Bridge is where I was born and bred. I lived there until I went to college at 18 and my mum worked at Lea Mills most of her life.
It is, as you say, a beautiful part of the world and I took it for granted as a kid, thought it was a terribly boring place to have to live!
We still live only a few miles away and I sometimes go back and walk the dog along the canal and enjoy some happy memories.

Young at Heart said...

how delightful....and blue skies too!!x

Curtise said...

What beautiful photos of a lovely place. Isn't it good to see some sunshine and signs of Spring?
I didn't know Florence Nightingale was originally from Derbyshire (I have a connection with her from my home - she died at Claydon House, in a small village just outside my hometown in Buckinghamshire). And neither did I know that Alison Uttley was a local, I loved the Little Grey Rabbit books as a kid, the Margaret Tempest illustrations were so sweet.
I still have a John Smedley cardigan I bought from the Lea Mill factory shop, about 15 years ago! xxx

Rosie said...

Isn't that a wonderful walk and it has been so good to get out and feel spring all around. I remember visiting Lea Gardens when the rhododendrons were out it was wonderful. The tea and cake look good:)

Gilly said...

What a beautiful and interesting walk! Anything by a river gets my vote - as does that gorgeous cake!

HippieGirl said...

These pictures are so beautiful. Spring looks like a very pretty season over there. Now, only if Spring could reach my little corner of the world. We really need some warming up what with all the snow and cold here :)

elsy said...

cant wait to come up again...that walk really appeals... youngest has just been raving about her discovery of the botanical gardens...she loved it and 'it will be a cool place to hang out in the summer'...thanks !inspired by all your sheffield posts i encouraged her to explore a bit..... x

Curtise said...

Ha, Girls Aloud wouldn't have been my choice, they were a birthday treat for my 11 year old - the Man refused to take her so I had the privilege! They were good, but clearly not a patch on Richard Thompson!

A garden just outside Venice said...

Such glorious weather...I'm dying at the sight of that lush cake!