Sunday 31 March 2013

British Summer Time

Yesterday, Hubby and I ventured out into the Peak District  for another long walk - we have really missed getting out and about what with one thing and another.  We did wonder how much snow we would find, and we found tons!

 We decided to walk around the Longshaw Estate and Paley Gorge - just outside of Sheffield. It seems unbelievable that we moved our clocks forward heralding the start of British Summer Time!
 The estate is managed my the National Trust and they had an Easter Egg trail on the go - I loved this little woodland creature house .
 It was as bitterly cold as it looks, but the snow does make it even more spectacular out here - and it is unbelievably spectacular to start with!
 Thankfully, we had some sunshine and blue sky too.

 It did also have a flurry of snow while we were walking - will it never end!
 We called at the Station Cafe in Grindleford for a sit down and sustenance before continuing through Padley Gorge.  It was quite tricky walking on the snow and ice and I felt that my legs got a very good workout!

 We had set out early on our walk as we had to drop the DQ off at work.  We finished fairly early and didn't want to go home, so we decided to drive out to Eyam.  I have to say that the drive up to Eyam was very scary with 10 feet snow drifts on one side and a sheer drop on the other side, and one very icy single track road inbetween!
 We were both too tired to do a full walk around the village, but we managed a walk along the main road.
 Eyam was the plague village and the school gates have the words to "Ring a ring a roses" on the gates -
 Eyam hall has just been handed over to the National Trust - I think we will visit in Summer when the gardens have some colour.
In spite of the extremely cold weather, I am enjoying my lovely long weekend.


Kathy said...

We've been to Eyam many times but we've never been into the Hall. last time I was there it was too hot to walk round. Will we ever be warm again?

Lyn said...

We have not been to Eyam for years...must get over there soon!
Lovely winters photos Diane....oh dear in spring!

Louise said...

Two places I love! Great photos too. It is nice to be able to get out and see a bit of blue sky. We've been walking in the snowy peak today too, it was so much fun!

Rowan said...

I love Eyam but would never dream of trying to drive up there in this weather! It does all look lovely in the snow though.

Ray+Joan said...

Beautiful photo's as ever, loved the children on the gates.

Rosie said...

I love both those places! Intersting that the National Trust is taking over Eyam Hall. I love your photo with the sheep in the snow:)

HippieGirl said...

That song "Ring Around the Roses" is kinda morbid. Considering it was about the Plague. Kinda gross. But those pictures are so amazing. Are you guys over in England going through summer right now? Because here where I am, we have cold, cold and more cold, lol.

Mad about Craft said...

I haven't been to Eyam for a long time.
The Station cafe belonged to a friend of ours. He died unfortunately and is run by his son. I once worked for him for a short time.

Curtise said...

Ooh, someone the lovely places I like to go to as well, and looking so beautiful in the snow. I admire your willingness to brave the conditions and get out there, Diane, hope you wrapped up warm! xxxx

A garden just outside Venice said...

That gate is simply stunning!
I almost forgot to get out from the office this evening, I was awaiting for the darkness LOL!

Lisa said...

Yes a return visit when the journey isn't quite so scary would be fabulous, for you and for us to see too!
Love the little fairy house.
Lisa x