Wednesday 3 July 2013


From Sheffield Manor, we took ourselves off to Hathersage just a few miles away.  It is one of my favourite places (yes, I know I have a lot of them!) and if I could afford it, I would move here like a shot!  House prices are expensive because it is a very short commute to Sheffield and Manchester, it has a railway station and it is so absolutely gorgeous.

 We went on one of our fave walks - not too hilly!

 I loved this new gate on an old farm.

 It was a perfect day and we sat for ages listening to nothing but the birds.
 The rocky outcrop which runs for miles along the top of the hill is Stanage Edge - a truly spectacular place and very popular with climbers from the city.
 A chap was telling us about the night climbing that they do - that seems a bit daft to me!
 Why do animals always turn around when I try to photograph them?
 I manage to get great shots of their rears!
 We both commented that we have some of the most glorious countryside in our area - we really do.
 I promised myself a stay at North Lees Hall - a group were having drinky poos on the roof terrace - that didn't seem like a sensible idea either!
 We found ourselves a stream
 ..and cooled our feet.

 I really enjoyed Sunday.  It was the loveliest of days.


Louise said...

Hathersage is one of my favourite places too, but like you, I have a lot of favourites! I just love the whole of the Peak! I love that gate at cow close and your comment about night climbing reminded me about this:

What a lovely day for a walk it was. I have to visit LJs grave every time I go to Hathersage, as I was so impressed by it as a child, I still love it! :)

Kathy said...

Yes, Hathersage is one of the loveliest places!
Kathy x

DeniseinVA said...

It all looks very beautiful, and I would like to come back and explore that area one day. Lovely post!
An English Girl Rambles

Wanda said...

My word! That takes me back. I'd forgotten all about it, but I stayed at the youth hostel there, when I was a teenager. It was Easter and we were knee deep in snow! :-)

Louise said...

Hathersage is one of my favourites too (but like you I have a lot, I just love the whole Peak!) and I have to visit LJ's grave every time I go as I was enchanted by it when I was small! I love the gate at cow close. Great photos of a lovely day.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Just beautiful, love keeping up with your posts Diane - Yorkshire is so lovely! Lesley x

Lyn said...

What a pretty place, I do hope the sun shines when I pop over to see you!
I think cooling your feet in the stream looks so refreshing, good idea! Xxx

Jennifer Hays said...

Such a pretty place, I would love to see it in person someday. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos and narrative!

Curtise said...

Yes, we're lucky to have all that gorgeousness on our doorstep, aren't we? Love Hathersage, and your photos! xxx

Rosie said...

It is a lovely place! I too have many photos of the rear end of animals and birds:)

Gilly said...

Hathersage is lovely, I quite agree with you about living there! Your photos are absolutely stunning - and you both have beautiful feet!

Rosie said...

I was sure I'd left a comment yesterday - must be having a senior moment! I thought I'd said 'It is a pretty place! I have lots of photos of the rear end of animals and birds too.' - or something like that:)

Les, said...

Nice walk Diane - following in my footsteps ( I WELL remember that second photo, as the hay was in the fields and I made a 'hay bonnet' for myself and got Sue to take a picture)!

Lisa said...

I bet your tootsies enjoyed that cool water.
Love the cow gate!
Lisa x

Lee Firth said...

I love walking through the wildflower meadows near Hathersage and taking in the distant view of Stanage Edge.