Saturday 11 January 2014


A few days before Christmas, I needed to visit Sainsbury's.  We don't have one nearby so we decided to to combine a supermarket shop with a much needed stroll.  It was a very murky day so we settled upon Worksop and a walk from the store to the town via the canal path.

We were lucky enough to spot the bright blue flash of a Kingfisher - but not lucky enough to photograph it.
We have walked this stretch of the Cuckoo Way before  and if you are reading this Roger, we were watching out for you.

I think Worksop is a strange place.  It has some very obvious problems as you walk round the town, but it has so many beautiful buildings and some great history.  It sits in North Nottinghamshire in an area called "The Dukeries" because of the four Ducal families that lived in the area.  Evidence of past wealth in the town is very evident.
It has plenty of shops and some lovely places to eat.  The cafe we had lunch in could have done with a complete makeover, but the staff were so friendly and the food was great (best coffee I have tasted in ages!) and so reasonably priced too.
It usually has a very good market but unfortunately it wasn't market day.
It unfortunately has a lot of empty buildings - like most provincial towns in the UK.  Victims of "out of town" shopping malls - a huge failing in town planning in my opinion.  Worksop does have a lovely little mini shopping mall bang in the centre of town - where it should be.
We came across a Liquorice grower and processor at a Victorian Fair over Christmas.  He told us that the plant was common in the UK in Victorian times, but very rarely now.  We got to taste some freshly processed Liquorice.  It was very strong flavoured.

There is a lot to see architecturally, including an avenue of huge Victorian/Edwardian Villa's.
We enjoyed our stroll along the canal and around the town, and the supermarket wasn't too busy when we got there either thankfully.


Lisa said...

The stained glass on that tap room is lovely.
I like knowing how places get their names.
I like liquorice but not sure I would like the stronger tasting stuff!
Lisa x

Rosie said...

Oh gosh, Diane - oince again you are evoking childhood memories for me! Every year I used to stay for a few days with my Mum's friend whom I used to call Auntie, in Worksop - I remember the town in the 1950s and early 60s and there did use to be a bustling market. The walk along Cuckoo way looks interesting and you always manage to find the best in places and dig out some interesting history too:)

Curtise said...

Do you know, I have never been to Worksop? Isn't that bad?! It sounds like so many working towns all over the country where the traditional local industries have declined, and left faded grandeur and economic deprivation behind... But as always, your good eye (well, both of them really!) and your great photos make me want to visit.
PS. Oliver! was fab, and I'm not the biggest fan of musical theatre in the world, so that's high praise! xxxx

Louise said...

Well Worksop looks like an interesting place, thanks for the tour!

Rowan said...

I confess that Worksop isn't a place I've ever thought of visiting but you've made it sound quite attractive. I,too,love the Tap room and Lead Hill sounds really interesting. I used to buy liquorice root as a child and have always loved the taste.

The Greenockian said...

Love those old buildings - especially the ornamental tile(?) work on the "Tap Room".

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Such an enjoyable pictorial record of Worksop, Diane and what an interesting read! x

Lyn said...

I love that you stroll around taking photos of buildings...just like me!
That tiled pub looks fabulous, they really don't make them like that any more. Xx

Gilly said...

You do get around, Diane! Worksop I only know through driving through, with difficulty! Looks good from your point of view, anyway!