Saturday 18 January 2014

YSP - again - I Know!!!!

One of my favourite places in the UK for a day out is the Yorkshire Sculpture Park - and fortunately it's only 15 minutes from my home!  

 I had wanted to catche the Angie Lewin exhibition as it is nearly finishing - it was fab.  Her work is so "me" .  I think I have the exact spot for a couple of her prints in my home - when funds allow!
 I've never done any lino printing - I think I'll have to have a go.
 I couldn't pick my favourite piece but I loved the miniatures on driftwood........
 .... and of course the Agapanthus.
 It was a very grey and dull day, but the rain finally stopped and we got to take a stroll around the grounds - which are very spectacular.
 The massive TV mast at Emley Moor was shrouded in cloud.

 The exhibits are always changing at YSP so always something different to see.
 The works by Tom Price were exceptionally lifelike.

 Even the miniatures in the Bothy were incredibly lifelike.
 The grounds are great to explore and more and more area's are now accessible.  You really do need a full day (and bags of stamina) to see it all.  It's great living close by as I can pop and do bits of it on days like today when the weather is not so brilliant, and you don't get enough day light.

 The old house was used as part of Leeds University up till a few years ago.  I did read that they were going to open it as a hotel (which would be great) but nothing seems to be happening here.
 All the exhibits today were brilliant and the walk was most welcome, but the best bit of the day was the exhibit in a purpose built "shed" by Roger Hiorns.  I didn't know what to expect at all, but was completely blown away by this exhibit and the story behind it.  READ ABOUT IT HERE.  It will be at YSP for the next 10 years, so plenty of time for you to catch it!


Lyn said...

You have me intrigued now!
Maybe we could persuade Louise to run a Lino printing course at hope and elvis?

Rowan said...

I've still not been to the YSP but the Roger Hiorns exhibit might be the thing that finally draws me there! Both my sons and dils think it's great so maybe I'll suggest an outing to my daughter.

Amy at love made my home said...

I really like the Angie Lewin pieces that you showed, I have not heard of her before, but I can see why you like her! The sculpture of the man is amazing. As I was scrolling down, I thought, oh, that is her hubby, it wasn't till I went down further that I realised that it wasn't a real person!! Thank you for sharing these pictures. What a wonderful place to visit! xx

Ray+Joan said...

Only 15 mins from your house, you'll be taking bookings for the hotel when it opens, loved the Agapanthus drawing we have them in our garden, & the life like man was amazing too. A great place to visit.

Unknown said...

How lucky that you live so close to this sculpture park. Very inspiring art work and my fav is agapanthus as we'll. xx

two bones and a bagle said...

We are fancying a trip there very soon might have to go before the exhibition closes.

Young at Heart said...

How beautiful...... I don't know Angie Lewin.....good to feed the heart and soul especially in the winter!!x

Selfsewn said...

Love Angie too (have sent you a fb message)
ps. sorry about the topless dancing, I just cant help myself!!

Curtise said...

I love YSP too, it's a wonderful place. That giant rabbit woman is awesome, I adore her! The Angie Lewin lino prints are beautiful, and I am intrigued by the final exhibit - I will have to go this year and see it for myself! xxx

Rosie said...

I can see why you like the Angie Lewin prints - espeically the Agapanthus - they are super. The Tom Price sculpture is amazing - so life like. The new exhibit sounds very intriguing:)

diane b said...

How lucky to live so close to this fabulous sculpture park. The blue flat sounds amazing. I love the agapanthus by Angie Lewin.