Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Cromford Mill (an old favourite!)

Yes, you guessed it Rosie, after Wirksworth we headed down into Cromford, and a swift walk around Cromford Mill.

Cromford Mill was the first water powered cotton spinning mill developed by Richard Arkwright in 1771.
You still get an immense sense of stepping back in time here.  At the time that the mills were built, they were operated 24 hours a day - 2 x 12 hour shifts per day.  The locality couldn't provide enough workforce, so he built houses in the village and encouraged families to move here from the nearby towns.  Children as young as 7 years old were employed to work in the mills.  Because of it's importance in history, the site is a World Heritage site.
The lady in the fabric shop (yes, you heard me correctly!!!! - it is just one of its many attractions!) told me that the buildings have no foundations, they are built directly onto soil.  She said that the floor often moves and she finds herself tripping over bumps that have not previously been there!!
They are doing some work to the mill, so it will be interesting to see what they so.  You can see weaving looms in action just round the corner at "Arkwrights Mill"  (which is also sadly a very poor retail outlet).

We had time for a little wander along the Cromford Canal.   The ice cream man was doing a roaring trade - everyone was happy to see the sunshine.

I always love a visit to Cromford - even if it is only a flying visit.


John Going Gently said...

Been once never forgotton x

diane b said...

It is great to see these places kept well for history's sake. My grandmother worked in a cotton mill when she was a child.

Jean said...

My mother worked there in the 60's when part of it was a dye works. It was hot, hard and horrible work even then so heaven only knows how awful it must have been a hundred years earlier.
It is a nice place to visit now and the walk along the canal side to Lea Bridge is lovely (in the less muddy months!) too. That's where the very first knitwear factory in England is still up and running at Lea Mills.
Your photos remind me that I don't visit often enough!

Gilly said...

Thanks for all your photos - its a bit far for us (and we have a dog!!) but I feel I've been there!

Rosie said...

Lovely! I guessed that you coudln't get so near and not visit - we are often on a flying visit too - but it's a nice place to stop for coffee in between us and Chesterfield. Your whole day out at Hopton, Wirksworth and Cromford looks wonderful:)

A garden just outside Venice said...

I visited something similar in Italy near Lake Como last Summer, but it looked more like a concentration camp, so sad! It even had a cemetery...
Everything is so pretty and romantic overthere :)

Patricia said...

I love the old buildings and they really give you a sense of history, you can almost see the mill workers going about their business . Glad you enjoyed your flying visit
Patricia x

Curtise said...

I enjoyed it when I visited Cromford Mill, love a bit of industrial history! xxx

Sandies' Patch said...

I love visiting Cromford mills and the little village has some unusual stores or it did last time I explored it.
I love the unit that sells pewter ware and old lace and other interesting stuff. The cafe sells a delish array of food too.
Hopefully when Sis's dog is much better, we'll visit and have a little walk along the canal.

Lisa said...

Another historic place to visit. Did you buy anything in the fabric shop?!
Lisa x