Monday, 23 June 2014


On Friday, hubby and I packed up house and home and trotted off to deepest Oxfordshire for our first camping trip of the year - and what a perfect weekend it was for it too.   Our campsite was lovely and exceptionally empty.  Once pitched, we drove a couple of miles to the tiny village of Waterperry and parked up at the house and gardens to take a look around.  You can only visit the house on certain days (and not today as ir happens)  but the gardens were open.  The house was once a centre of Horticulture - mainly teaching ladies I believe (when ladies were not considered suitable for gardening).   

 We took a little look around the pretty church.

 And then on to the gardens.  It houses a magnificent amphitheatre which looks as if it gets used regularly.
 The gardens are still used to teach horticulture in a much smaller way and have some great plants all around.

 It was an exceptionally hot day and the garden looked stunning.

 I loved this statue.  It reminds me of how my daughter looked when she was younger.

 There is a small exhibtion about the Horticultural school, but we didn't get much time to read about it as time was pressing on and we had somewhere to be.
 We had spent too much time having a lazy lunch in the tea rooms that used to be the classrooms, and wandering around the garden centre and gift shop attached!!
 If you are in the area, I would highly recommend Waterperry for a look around.  It is so tranquil and peaceful and the gardens are beautiful.  They also host lots of events - and that is why we were there.  Amidst this wonderful setting. Giffords 1930's style Circus has camped and we were booked in for the 6pm performance.
The setting was as picture perfect and as quintessentially English as you could possibly get!


diane b said...

Camping in tents you are still spritely. I wouldn't try it now days but good on you. The House and gardens are beautiful. You can't beat an English country garden. Great shots.

Curtise said...

Waterperry looks lovely; my mum and sister like going there (they both live in nearby Buckinghamshire).
Gorgeous pics, Diane, I love that statue too, and I'm looking forward to seeing your photos of Giffords Circus! xx

Anonymous said...

Well now, I learn something new every day. I have been to the garden centre and tea room many times but was totally unaware that the gardens could be walked in. I shall remember that next time.

Amy at love made my home said...

What a beautiful place, the gardens are stunning, it must have been a very inspirational place to study horticulture. xx

Lynn Holland said...

If you want peace and tranquility don't go mid July as it's Art in Action. But if you do love all different types of art it's a must, it's a fantastic weekend and a massive event.
My mum will be travelling down to stay with my sister in Witney and they are both excited to be going there.
I've been a couple of times and loved it.
It was lovely to see photos of the gardens again.
Lynn :)

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Those are beautiful gardens, all that color! Now, if only I didn't live on another continent . . . Thank you for taking us along.

Lisa said...

What a beautiful location to hold the circus. Lots of interest to make a fab day out.
Lisa x

Linda P said...

Glad the weather was perfect for your camping. Waterperry looks picture perfect with something for everyone. I remember that my parents used to go there to look around. There's nothing better than the gorgeous blue hues of a flower bed of delphiniums.

Angie Burrett said...

Waterperry is so lovely with amazing gardens, and in July they have a wonderful Craft Extravaganza called "Art in Action". It is a fantastic event and well worth a visit. I have been many times and just LOVE it!

Lyn said...

Lovely photos Diane, and look forward to your next post....will it be about the circus?