Friday 2 January 2015

London Day 2

On our second full day in London, we decided to take things a bit easier and not race around as much.  Neither of the kids had been to Greenwich, so it was an obvious choice as it was so close by.  We took the DLR but had to change at Canary Wharf - so we took the opportunity for a little walk around.  Although it was a working day, it was very quiet as it was between Christmas and New Year.  Both kids were taken by how modern and new the whole area was, so we popped into the Docklands museum so that they could grasp a bit of the history of the area and why and how the area had changed.

 If you leave the DLR through 1 Canada Square (which has an awesome foyer!) You can pick up a booklet which details the art work that is dotted around the Wharf.

 After our short visit, we hopped back on the railway across the river to Greenwich.
 We like how all the highlights of this historic area are within very close proximity to each other.  Perfect when you have aching feet!
 The painted hall is always worth a visit.

 A walk up the very steep hill to the Observetory found us the Mredien Line for Greenwich mean time.
 And of course the best views.

 This Paddington Bear was designed by Peter Capaldi - the new Doctor Who.
 We nipped in to Queen Anne's house

 They have a good exhibition by War artist's that I knew hubby and the young man would like.
 And we popped into the Maritime museum where we did not much more than enjoy a lovely cup of tea and a nice sit down...
 ...  and a quick look around the Nelson exhibition where the young man was fascinated by the hole in his jacket caused by the fragment of cannon ball that caused his death.
 As we stepped out of the museum, we were treated to the most fantastic sun set.
 We had another great day.  Plenty to see and do and not quite as much walking!


Louise said...

You took some lovely photos! Greenwich is quite high on my want to visit list, I've never been.

primrosesattic said...

I love Greenwich. I last went a few years ago. Your photos brought back memories.

Katharine A said...

You packed a lot in. I live quite near Greenwich & have never been to the painted hall. Looks amazing. Just about to blog about the great map in the National Maritime Museum. Did you see it? However the museum is a great place for tea & cake, overlooking the park.

Curtise said...

I haven't visited Greenwich in years and years, your wonderful photos make me want to go there again! Amazing sunset too. xx

Jan said...

There's a powerful contrast between the old and the new in your photos. You clearly had a great time! Jx

Angel Jem said...

I haven't ever been to Greenwich. It does look good; next London holiday we have it will be high on our list. I love the photos as well.

Amy at love made my home said...

Fantastic! xx

Lisa said...

I love that spiral staircase, makes me feel dizzy looking at it!
Wonderful photos, like the serious one of DQ with the statues.
Lisa x

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Fabulous photos Diane - I've not visited the Museum at Greenwich or Queen Anne's House - yet! Lesley x

Young at Heart said... picked the right time weather wise's gri down south right now......happy new year!!x

Sharon said...

I've never made it out to Greenwich and looking at your photos I see I need to go. That skyline picture alone is worth the trip. Great images.