Tuesday 31 March 2015

The Monsal Trail - end to end

On Saturday, our walking group walked the Monsal Trail in Derbyshire from end to end.  A minibus deposited us at Cheedale for the start of our walk.  The views and landscapes all way along the trail are very spectacular - both natural landscapes and relics from a heavy industrial past.

 The railway line was once the main Manchester to London line.
 As you can see, at the start of our walk, the weather was a tad inclement!  I used to be a bit hesitant in the many tunnels along the trail, but on Saturday, I was grateful for them!

 The trail is littered with relics from it's industrial past.  These Lime Kilns are still in good condition.

 There are also a couple of old cotton mills along the trail too.  Litton Mill had a bad reputation for being cruel to it's workers, mainly young children
 I think the workers at nearby Cressbrook Mill faired slightly better.  Both these mills are now very Dez Rez's - lovely apartments.

 The river Wye runs alongside the Monsal Trail and has some lovely holiday cottages by its side.

 I think Monsal Dale is one of my favourite places in the world.
 By the time we reached Bakewell at the far end, we were almost dried out!

 It was a fabulous walk - about 12 miles I believe.
 We first noticed this happening in Paris, then I noticed it a couple of weeks ago in Whitby, and I noticed it here in Bakewell too.  Loved ones leaving locks on the bridge.
 As usual, our walk ended up in a pub for a well deserved drink and a nice sit down!
Another fantastic walk with our group.


Angel Jem said...

After that walk you deserved a sit down!

Lisa said...

I hope there was a good meal too! After 12 miles you deserved it. What spectacular countryside to have spent the day in. Will you be adding a lock?
Lisa x

Mac n' Janet said...

I admire your stamina, wish we had a walking group like yours.

Rosie said...

I'm so impressed you walked it all in one day and went through the tunnels too - Monsal Head is a lovely place and that pub at Bakewell must have been spurring you on through those tunnesl - as well as the lovely company, of course:)

Unknown said...

Look at those views! Totally worth it, even in the rain! I've seen so many pictures of baby lambs in the past few weeks. I NEED to find somewhere around here that has a few so I can get a cute little lambie cuddle in this spring! Thanks for sharing your pics!

Jan said...

It must have been great to tackle a 'straight-line' walk knowing that you wouldn't have to retrace your steps. Having said that, I think I would have been a bit reluctant to set out in the rain. Jx

Curtise said...

I love Monsal Dale too. Your photos are fab, and that black and white tunnel pic could be an album cover!
The river at Bakewell is so pretty, but oh those locks irritate me - ugly and copycat! xxx

topchelseagirl said...

Wow you deserved a sit down after 12 miles! Even with the bad weather it is very scenic.
I hate those locks too!