Monday 23 March 2015

Shillito Woods

This weeks walking group walk was the family friendly walk from Shillito Woods near Chartsworth.  I am always amazed how far the tiny tots can walk!  The moors on this walk were teeming with nature and lots of surprises for us all to wonder at.

 The car park had lots of encouragement for birds and whilst I was waiting for my group, I managed to snap a few.

 We spotted a couple of groups of deer - who I am sure had spotted us first!

 And, for those who know me well, my ultimate sign of spring - Frogs Spawn.  And lots of it!

 This is a walk I will do many more times as the views were spectacular and the walking fairly easy!  So much to see and the silence was amazing!  Just a few miles out of Sheffield City Centre too.


Rustic Vintage Country said...

Fabulous photos of your walk. You can't beat the silence of being out, away from it all in gorgeous countryside. x

Curtise said...

I LOVE your photos, Diane. Look at those deer, that shot is fantastic! xxx

Linda P said...

Another great walk in beautiful countryside, Diane, and you got some good shots of the birds. Lovely to see the deer too.

Rosie said...

Lovely walk. I love your deer and bird photos. We have frog spawn in our pond - a sure sign of spring:)

Young at Heart said...

fabulous....feel like I've bee to the country myself....just catching up, your eclipse pics are brilliant....down here we saw absolutley...nothing!!
Whitby was the northern ex's fav spot and I once saw an extraordinairy exchange outside that kipper place with a young couple in a beaten up old car desperately trying to get hold of kipers, banging doors and shouting, as if they were crack !!!x

Unknown said...

Another lovely walk! Spring has definitely sprung. I love the pic of the frogspawn. I showed my youngest son and your picture lead to a lot of "googling" to find out more information. Thanks for the scientific inspiration!!

Lisa said...

Love those bird photos, especially the one hanging onto the terracotta pot feeder.
Yay! First frogspawn of the year.
Lisa x