Monday 30 March 2015

Gentlework @ Hope & Elvis

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to grab a place at Hope & Elvis Studios to spend the most delightful of days stitching under the guidance of the lovely Christine from Gentlework.  What an utter delight it was.

 Christine makes dolls, and brooches, and books and bunting and lots of other treasures, all from vintage scraps and in the most soothing and subtle of colour pallette's.

 I could quite easily believe that Christine herself is a fairy who lives in an enchanted wood.  She is so lovely.

 She brought along a collection of materials to share with us.  My good friend Lyn, commented that I was like a kid in the haberdashery equivalent of a sweet shop!  She wasn't wrong!
 I wanted it all!
 I loved Christine's attention to detail.  She had decorated all our wok tables with stunning but simple decoration.
 And she brought us all a present! What stunning gift wrapping too!
 We all worked very hard - I think it was the quietest class I have ever done at Hope and Elvis!
 I made a sewing roll for my needles and bits and bobs.  It's not quite finished.
 A day at the studio is a tonic for me.  I love sewing surrounded by lovely friends and with lots of inspiration and fabulous materials in the room.
If I start now, I might get a few bits turned out in time for Christmas! xx


Lisa said...

And you all dressed in a muted co-ordinated way too!
What was your present?!
Love the work on display, isn't it fab. What a treat of a day for you and Lyn.
Lisa x

Rosie said...

What a delightful post - I love all the muted colours and textures. I bet you and Lyn had a wonderful time. Your sewing roll is so pretty:)

Sandies' Patch said...

One of the lovliest ways to re-charge your batteries and have something beautiful and useful at the end of the day! xxx

topchelseagirl said...


gentlework said...

Lovely post Diane, so glad you enjoyed your day xxx

Unknown said...

It was my first experience of a workshop and I had an amazing day, I was very pleased with the bunting and a brooch I made. I wish it had been longer.

Mrs Bertimus said...

Looks like the most perfect of days x

Lyn said...

I always enjoy a day spent at Hope and Elvis, I really enjoy one spent there with you Diane and this has to be the most quiet we have ever been during a workshop!

Katharine A said...

Looks like a great day. I came here via lynn's blog. The mention of Christmas made me laugh, and also wince a little.