Tuesday 12 May 2015

Whitby revisited

Hubby found himself with an unexpected weekend off work - and so we decided to make the most of this and tick a few places off my ever growing "list" of places to visit and things to do and see.

On the list for a long time has been a stay at the very fun looking "La Rosa" hotel which has very few mod cons but claims to be full of Victoria Seaside Fun.  Each room is decorated on very different themes.

 Our room was the "Stoker" room named after Brahm Stoker who wrote "Dracula" - inspired by Whitby Abbey.

 I couldn't make my mind up which  I loved best, the Fortune Telling Machine in the basement - just like the one in Tom Hanks film "Big"....
 or the view from of our window - straight over to the abbey.
 We had arrived early evening and the weather was appalling, so we headed straight into town.
 Another place on my list was The White Horse & Griffin where we headed for supper.  The Inn is very old and you can easily imagine Captain Cook and his contemporaries discussing plans for seafaring adventures.
 They serve the most amazing tasty food.  This roast beef sharing platter with brandy and mushroom sauce and gorgeous vegetables was superb.
 After a night cap in the library at La Rosa, we retired for the evening.  Next morning, our breakfast arrived in a picnic basket.  Plenty to eat and drink to set us up for the day.
 he weather didn't look much better on Saturday morning....
 so we headed to the museum to spend an hour or two.
 We loved the museum.  It is quite a traditional one with exhibits in cases, but they have some fascinating stuff. It covered the history, geography, geology and social aspects of this fascinating little town.  We could have spent much longer in here.
 The area is very rich in fossils - you can often find them on the beaches still.
 This was my most fascinating fact of the day - I can't imagine how draughty this would have been!!
 When we left the museum, the weather had started to clear and we explored the very fine Georgian area of town.

 The tide was out, so we headed down to the harbour beaches for a spot of beachcombing

 Whitby has A LOT of steps.  There are 199 up to the Abbey - we walked up them - slowly - admiring the view as we went!

 After a fish & chip supper (it's the law in Whitby), we returned to our hotel for a well deserved lie down!

 On Sunday morning, after another picnic breakfast, we set out to walk to Sandsend - about 3 miles down the beach.

 This chain was ENORMOUS!! I wondered what it had been used for .
 The cliffs at Sandsend are fascinating, but you can only gaze at them from a distance.
 I was convinced that the layer of different "rock" was dinosaur fossils waiting to be discovered.
 Where is my Geologist when you need him!
 We spooted a few of these pools that I think contain Ammonites.  Fascinating.
 Sandsend is the prettiest little village with a fair few fabulous cafes.

 I think I will pop a weekend stay on my "list" for next time.

I love Yorkshire.  I think it has everything.  The coastline is certainly a winner.


ChrisJ said...

I love Whitby and fish'n Chips at Whitby especially. I have a photo of me indulging in them somewhere. There used to be a small railway line that went to Sandsend along the cliff side. I don't remember where it started. That was a LONG while ago.

ChrisJ said...

P.S. I was right about the railway. I went back and looked at their web page. This one is not to be confused with the quite famous railway that goes to Grossmont. Whew! That must be more than 60 years ago that I was there.

Louise said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend, I enjoyed your photos!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful weekend break away. I love the idea of the themed rooms and that breakfast arrives in a picnic basket.
Wonderful views of the coast and the beach huts.
Oh yes I bet the young man would have been in his element too!
Lisa x

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Beautiful photos as usual Diane and so timely as we are off to Whitby for a break in a short while. We have one or two things lined up to do and some lovely walks and your Sandsend outing sounds like another to join the list! X

Jo@awholeplotoflove said...

Looks like you had a lovely weekend. I've never been to Whitby but I've always wanted to visit x

Rosie said...

We are hoping to visit Whitby later this year - it seems ages since we were there - I loved that museum and the 199 steps. The hotel looks great and the village of Sandsend too I think it will have to go on the list for a visit, perhaps instead of Staithes this time. glad you had a super time:)

Unknown said...

What a great getaway! You saw so many awesome things. Between the beach and the museum and the picnic breakfast, I can understand why so many of us would want to visit Whitby ASAP!!

Angel Jem said...

You should get a job with the Yorkshire Tourist Board. Right, I'm off now to put a stay in Whitby on my list of Want To's.

And you're right, the fish and chip supper is compulsory.

Mick said...

My mum's ancestors are from the Whitby area, and I remember spending wet summers there. I don't remember it being so pretty, so I must get back.

Lyn said...

fantastic photos Diane of one of our favorite places. I stayed at Sandsend with my mum years and years ago...so the post brought back lots of memories, Thank you xxx

Young at Heart said...

Oh the joy of Whitby ...fish & chips up The Magpie..... the ex was good for something!!x

Young at Heart said...
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