Thursday, 7 May 2009

School Recipe Book

I have literally hundreds of pounds worth of cookery books that I have bought or have had bought for me, but the book I use most of all is my old school cookery book. I feel lucky to have been taught to bake and cook "properly" not like they are taught today. My daughter was not even allowed to take it as a subject at school as it was over subscribed!! We were taught theory, practical, nutrition, economy,presentation. We used to have to write timeplans (which I hated, but timing is so essential to cooking a meal). I had the very best Home Economics teacher - Mrs Mannion who modelled herself on Margot from the" Good Life". She used to bring me her old copies of Goodhousekeeping and I was thrilled!! Using my old school recipe book, I have been able to cater for most events. My daughters 1st birthday party featured "Bunnies on the Lawn" from this book (Lime green jelly, with tinned pears placed on top, marshmallows for tails and chocolate chips for eyes!!!). Tonight I made "Rock Buns" from the very first page (you can just see the very 70's paper that the book is backed with). Some of the writing is smudged as we used to write with fountain pens!!! Here's the recipe as it is written:

Rock Buns

8oz SR Flour )
4 oz Margarine ) Bowl

3 oz Castor Sugar )
4oz mixed dried fruit ) Plate

1 egg (standard) )
1-2 dstpn Milk ) small basin
1. Collect eqpt, ingredients and light oven.
2. Sift Flour into bowl
3. Rub in margarine
4. Add Sugar and Fruit
5. Mix to a stiff consistency with egg and milk
6. Place on a greased baking tray in 10 mounds
7. Bake for 15-20 mins at 400f or Reg 6 gas (200 c these days!!) until golden brown.
8. Leave to cool on a wire baking tray.
I was reading my mums old school recipe book the other day - one of the recipes was for "Baked Stuffed God" . I think it was meant to be "Cod"!!!!


Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Blimey yes, we had a severe Scotswoman called Mrs Galloway and I still make ommelettes, chop onions, make pastry and loads of other things just as she showed us 30 something years ago. Love the UB40 track playing whilst writing this also .... ta x

Rosie said...

Oh, gosh what memories, Domestic Science as was in my days at school - the first thing we had to do was make a cookery apron and cap to wear whilst cooking and then we had to take ingredients in a covered basket every week to cook something and then bring it home on the school bus - stews were particularly messy when you also had a satchel full of books and a beret to keep on your head as well! :) Our teacher was a Miss Newton - who later married the PE teacher whilst she was on her first maternity leave we had a teacher called Miss Turgoose.

Your rock buns look wonderful, Diane!

Blueberry Heart said...

hiya! Ironic isnt it that we spend a fortune on posh books and watch the 'lifestyle' cooking progs but the best stuff is the old fashioned tried and tested!! Now where on earth is my old book.... - off to mums to empty/destroy the insides of some cupboards I think!!
BH x

Caroline said...


How wonderful, I am completely addicted to cookbooks and literally own 100's of them. I agree though, very often it is the old and trusted stuff that always seems to do the trick.
Reading about your home economics classes made me slightly sad, I wish something like that would be taught at schools here, but no such luck.
Off to make the rock buns now!

The Ample Cook said...

Hello Diane, firstly thank you for your kind comments about my blog! Your post with your old cookery book has brought back vivid memories. I too covered my school books - in wallpaper!

I agree that having been taught properly at school (Domestic Science) it was a fantastic grounding in ingredients and basic cooking skills. The youngsters aren't getting that now and boy does it show. Love your blog - read it all!


Lyn said...

We started with cheese on toast!
I love that you still have your old exercise book.

Lazylol said...

Fantastic! I wish I still had my school recipe book.

Baked Stuffed God - is soooo funny!