Saturday, 9 May 2009


Hubby has a weekend off, so we decided to get out and about instead of doing the housework (Aggie and Kim will be round here soon at this rate!!). Ive read a lot about Southwell in North Nottinghamshire which isn't too far away from us here, so we thought we would venture down there. It is an absolute little gem of a town. All of the houses are stunning, dripping in Wisteria and have huge gardens. It has an enormous Minster which is beautiful. The choir boys were rehearsing and listening to their angel voices brought a tear to my eye. The shops in the town are full of beautiful crafts/clothing (Labels for Less was worth a look in) and hubby's favorite was the old fashioned sweet shop. We also renewed our National Trust membership for the year as we think we will recoup the money easily this year as we are holidaying in this country this year. We visited the NT property " The Workhouse" which is a very sobering place. Its where they used to house the poor in Victorian times. When families entered the Workhouse, they were split up, and often would not be reunited. The walls were so high that parents and children might never even glimpse each other again. A male visitor with triplet girls aged around 5 years old, plus another sister aged around 2 years old thought that this might be advantageous!! Southwell is a super place to visit (with a disproportionate amount of tea rooms and cafe's for its size I might add!!). I cannot believe Ive never been before. Anyway, it well worth another visit - just after pay day next time.
PS Please take a look at Beckytography over in my side bar. My daughter has decided to start up a blog using some of her photographs.



Hello Diane, thanks so much for visiting me in St. Ives! Lovely to hear from you. I love your picture of the old fashioned sweetie jars in the window, that's lovely! Hope you have a nice weekend, Carolyn

The sewing room said...

Hi wow you get about a bit,your pictures are great we live about 20 minutes drive from Clumber park and just outside Bawtry where do you live. We don't come from Yorkshire we are from Birmingham but moved here 6 years ago and love it,hope to hear from you again.


Rosie said...

Whenever I visit your blog you bring back memories for me:) Would you belive that we spent our wedding night at the Saracen's Head in Southwell - 30 years ago this year. We had just the weekend there as my husband was starting a new job first thing on the Monday morning so we never had a honeymoon as such. The Workhouse is very interesting isn't it? How wonderful for you to be in the Minster when the choir was singing it must have been wonderful. Glad you had a lovely day.

Lisa said...

I bet that sweet shop is very popular!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely town to visit. xxx

Blueberry Heart said...

hi, LOVE that wisteria!Never had any success with it myself and i love it!
There should still be sweet shops like that too!
Lovely pics!
BH x

Rowan said...

I haven't been to Southwell, it sounds as though it's worth a visit.