Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sunday Sewing

Had a very pleasant Sunday morning sat in the warm (for a change) air watching the young man and his cricket team. Unfortunately, they lost. I didn't need any lunch because they had been cooking bacon butties in the club house, so I sat and embroidered what I hoped would flower in my garden this summer. Ive also made a very fattening Rhubarb and Strawberry fool for after tea. The Rhubarb is from my garden, and I stewed this with sliced strawberries and sugar to taste, then when it was cool, whisked it together with whipping cream. Ive topped it off with a bit of crumbled flake. Things taste so much better when you have grown them yourself.


Lyn said...

Oh theres an Idea! I have just stewed some of our rhubarb, must get some cream on the way home from work tomorrow!
Thanks for the idea Diane.

Diane said...

Its nice with finely crushed ginger biscuits in it too. xxx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've had a perfect Sunday. Your rhubarb and strawberry fool sounds delicious! xxxx

Shabby Chick said...

That sounds like a lovely day, the embroidery is gorgeous! And the fool looks delicious.

Just had a listen to Everlasting Love on your playlist and it has really cheered me up on a horrible morning so thank you for that :)

Mel xxx

noelle said...

ooh lovely fool! looks like you had quite a productive Sunday:)

Lazylol said...

Oh my mouth is watering now!

lesley said...

I now have a passion for rhubarb...I hated it when I was at school...they always over cooked everything!
I will make this on Sunday, thanks for sharing ;0)

Julia said...

I could just eat that! :D

Thank you for what you wrote on my blog - it means alot to me to hear from you :)

Sending love
Julia xxx

wonderwoman said...

yuummm - that pud looks gorgeous - i agree , that when you've grown it yourself it always tastes better!


Rosie said...

Cricket, embroidery, rhubarb and strawberries - sounds like a lovely relaxing day.

noelle said...

Hi Diane, the weather has been nice but i am afraid it is starting to turn, we are due alot of rain apparently! heres hoping for sunshine for you for the week after:)

Bumble Bee Cottage said...

Hi Diane, that rhubarb and strawberry fool looks tempting. Rhubarb is for sale on alot of the hedge veges here at the moment so I have made a few crumbles and cobblers but now I'll have to whip up a fool for the kids as well. Thankyou for the idea.