Wednesday 23 December 2009

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to stop by and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and say a very big well done to all of you who pull Christmas off - year after year - on top of everything else you do. I don't know how we do it!!!!

Its been a busy week at the heartshaped house. On Sunday, the dancing queen got to dance in Sheffield on a show featuring 3 of the X Factor finalists - Lucie Jones, Rachel and Ricky. She was thrilled to bits and filmed a lot of it on the DVD camera that we bought her last year. All of the X factor singers spent time with the girls in their dressing room, gossiping and laughing - they were really lovely and I don't think she's come down to earth yet!!
I'm off work now until the 4th January and looking forward to doing the cooking, walking and generally not sitting on my backside for 6 hours a day! Ive rallied the troops today to do a mass tidy and clean up operation on the house. Ive had an ugly cold sore between my nose and top lip, and the young man claims that not only have I behaved like Hitler today, but I have actually looked like him too!!! Very attractive! I shall be needing special powered mistletoe if I want a snog!!

The house looks lovely and smells divine. I am in the first stages of cooking ham for Christmas Eve and I am using Jamie Oliver's Jerk Ham recipe - I used this last year and it was lovely. The marinade is making the house smell great.

We always go the the Christingle service at the village church on Christmas Eve, then Santa visits our street about 8 oclock to dish out a few choccy bars. I have always read "The Night before Christmas" to my kids too. I thought that they might want to do something different now that they are a bit older, but they were horrified that I had even suggested deviating away from our family traditions - so thats the plan.

My mum, sis and her hubby are joining us on Christmas Day for lunch. I'm really looking forward to it.
Hubby is on night shift tonight, so thats a perfect excuse for us all to have a long lie in in the morning (not that the kids ever need an excuse!!).
Anyway, have a great time - whatever your plans.


Rowan said...

Sounds as though you are going to have a wonderful time. I always used to read The Night Before Christmas to my children too, I love reading it myself but No 2 son has the book for his children now. Of course I could always get myself another one! Merry Christmas!

VintageVicki said...

We always enjoy singing carols on Christmas Eve - though its going to be very cold outside this year.

Have a great christmas.

Vicki xxxx

Lyn said...

Well seems everything is in order and ready to go at Heartshaped house.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and looking forward to meeting up in 2010.

harmony and rosie said...

We went to the Panto this afternoon which one of the children enjoyed - oh well, you can't please everyone. Will also do the Night Before Christmas, it's such a great book, but I do wish our children would have a lie in, or at least let me have one now and then!

Merry Christmas to you all
Kate x

Rebecca said...

Merry Christmas x

menopausalmusing said...

Have the best of Christmases!

lynn said...

hello from oz, thank u for stopping by..any time.. lynnie

Lisa said...

Got to keep up the traditions!
Hope you all have the best Christmas!
Lisa xx

Rosie said...

Well, 'tis the day of the night before Christmas - sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time - Merry Christmas to you and all your family, Diane and best wishes for a Happy New Year :)

BadPenny said...

Happy Christmas Diane lot are creeping around helping a lot ! They've been wonderful recently bless 'em

I went to the Docs & he said,
" what do you want me to do ? "
I answered " cansal Christmas ? have words with my husband ? "

Its pouring with rain - mum says it's too much for us to drive & get her as she has black ice so it may just be the four of us ...and the dogs ...and the cats...and the chickens ( fresh scrambled egg for Xmas morn brekkies )

Have a wonderful time - been lovely exchanging notes with you . ( hope the Hitler tash clears up soon ! ) xx

elsy said...

have a wonderful time diane,enjoy the time off work,the long walks, family and just being at will be great x

Michela said...

Hi Diane! Wishing you and the heartshaped family a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year! xxx

...Nina Nixon... said...

And a very Happy Christmas to you too Diane and a very merry New Year!!

take care,

Nina xxxxxx

The Girl said...

Have a lovely Christmas and a great time with all your family.

And very well done to the dancing queen - mingling with the stars - fabulous!

Louise said...

Happy Christmas - glad you have a good break ahead.
I read the Night Before Christmas to my kids too - just love those family traditions.

Caroline said...


Have a glorious, heart warming Christmas. Enjoy all your favourite family traditioons and maybe create some more this year.

Do nit forget the sherry for Santa!

Keep safe and warm,


Pomona said...

Have a very happy Christmas!

Pomona x

JP said...

have a great Christmas

cathleen said...

Merry Christmas to you, Diane. Hope it's totally warm and cozy!


Merry Christmas Diane

I wish you love, health, peace and lots of nice things for 2010. Yes, I hope we get to meet up. When are you coming down?

Lots of love
Carolyn xx

Ticking stripes said...

Have a great time Diane! The plans sound great.

noelle said...

Hi Diane, this is a bit late, its been and gone, but i hope you had a really good time! x x x