Saturday 19 December 2009

Walking in a winter wonderland.

It would seem that the world has had a huge fall of snow. I have a private family blog, and my cousin in Texas reported that they had snow there (and lots of it!!) for the first time in 32 years! and even Michela has had loads in Venice! Here in South Yorkshire, we have had just the right amount of snow. Not enough to stop us getting out and about, but enough to make us feel really Christmassy. Mother nature gave my garden a fine sprinkling on Thursday evening,

and last night she helped to decorate the front of the house (with the aid of a leaky piece of guttering!).
So much prettier than any man made decorations.

With hubby and the dancing queen at work, the young man found himself to be Billy no-mates, and I - having finished off ALL OF THE SHOPPING AND WRAPPING!!! (except fridge stuff which I cannot get until midweek) decided we needed a very long walk. I have felt caged for so long!
We walked over the fields where we noticed that sheep have replaced the cows.
We marvelled at the delicate frost patterns.

The lane, though very picturesque, was a death trap. I did my best Jane Torvill impression and ended up almost flat on my face! I have 2 very sore knees!!

The holly is the best I have ever seen it. I'm sure that this means we are in for a cold winter.

I love this house - yet another where "Mr Darcy would come calling".

I love walking with just the young man. He never stops talking and asking questions that I cannot answer!! 2 of todays questions were:
1. Who was Parson Brown? ( I was serenading him at the time)
2. I wonder how much snot the average person with a heavy cold makes in 1 day? - answers on a postcode if you know!!
Last but certainly by no means least, my PIF present arrived from Lyn. I was really glad that I had signed up for this. The parcel arrived all beautifully packaged.

The package contained loads of lovely gifts - mainly on a Christmas theme. Everything was so beautiful. Many thanks Lyn.


Michela said...

Yes! That's the right amount! You've got a beautiful garden and surroundings, love your yellow Jasmin..not sure the other one is holly..its leaves are so weird!..oh, forgot about your tiny green thumb! xxxxx
Glad your Christmas shopping is done...this year there won't be any present under my tree if it won't end snowing!
Wonderful gifts from the lovely Lyn! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Blasé said...

Lyn did such a good job!

Caroline said...

Love, love, love the icicles! Brilliant photos by the way, you really have a good eye.
Am terribly jealous of the berries on your holly, ours are not even half that good. And now all the berries are being eaten by the blackbirds. Oh well, I guess that is what they are there for.

Enjoy the snowy weekend!

...Nina Nixon... said...

I'm going on an icicle search today - those are amazing.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

Nina x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Ooh those icicles are splendid aren't they. So happy you Heart shaped peeps got a dusting of snow!
We had some more overnight and getting down the Lane is beginning to very difficult! Yikes!

Your walk looks magnificent, glad you took all those pics to share with us,

Sarah x

BadPenny said...

what a lovely post - beautiful icicles. We have no snow here in the south BOO !

Tell your young man that we just had a talk given at the secondary school by a very inspiring young man who has climbed Everest and a lot more beside... he had the audience in stitches about snoticles & pissicles - frostbitten noses falling off.

The head was inspired to choose him to speak !

My young man won't come out on walks but DD does & we have wonderful chats - I love it. Some of my friends have mute teens !

Rosie said...

Aren't icicles beautiful? Sounds like a lovely and funny walk with the young man. Hope your sore knees aren't too sore! We travelled back from a family party in Chesterfield last night through Matlock and Ashbourne and it was lovely to see the Christmas lights and 'just enough' snow to make it feel festive:)

Jennyff said...

That is a light dusting and the icicles are fantastic. We have more of the deep and crisp and even snow but nothing to do and no where to go so its lovely. Keep warm, keep upright.

menopausalmusing said...

Great post. Loved the photos of icicles. Have a wonderful Christmas! :O)

Lisa said...

Love the icicles!
Your walk sounds very entertaining! Hope you aren't feeling too sore now!
Lisa x

harmony and rosie said...

Hello Diane

Thank you for coming over to see me.

I love the photos in this post, your winter jasmine haven and the icicles are amazing it's true. The frosty patterns remind me of white tarantulas - eek! I had a quick look through your last couple of posts and have to tell you how much I enjoyed the lego Nativity scene, it's priceless. My son is going to love it when I show him tomorrow. And now I'm off to read up some more ..


elsy said...

hi diane i am so envious of your organizational skills , that you could enjoy a long lovely walk in the winter wonderland, while the rest of us are chasing our tails.....i will try to get it all done tomorrow so i too can relax!

Gilly said...

I love those icicles, and you have a very pretty lane. all round here too slippery for me to get out, but hope to make it to the garden today!!

lesley said...

Hello Diane,
I've just finished work & it's been ages since I popped over, I love the pics, we too have the fluffy stuff in Essex, hope it's a white Christmas this year!

Have a lovely Christmas.
LJ xx

Ticking stripes said...

Fabulous post and icicles! And all the shopping and wrapping done - I'm impressed. Enjoy your christmas!


BadPenny said...

Hi again Diane... my lanky teens are being a GR8 help as they know I'm starved of energy... they've been hoovering & mopping for me - and I haven't even threatened that Father Christmas only comes to good children !
( somehow I know it wouldn't work !!! )

Rowan said...

The snow has been lovely hasn't it? Your icicles are very impressive and the winter jasmine is so pretty against the whitre of the snow. What a lovely package you received, full of nice things including chocolate if I'm not mistaken:)

Karen said...

Loved to see the icicles--and your wintry surroundings. Simply beautiful!