Sunday 31 January 2010

Sunny Sunday in Barnsley

With not a lot of time to spare today, and even less money, we decided to take ourselves off for a walk around the park at Cannon Hall near Barnsley.

Cannon Hall is situated in the picturesque village of Cawthorne, and the house itself is a pretty little museum - however it wasn't open today. My favourite part of the house, is its Victorian Kitchens, but these were not open either. I think that it opens around Easter time. It is set in acres of beautiful parkland. We parked behind the hall - in the car park used for the family farm (which is excellent if you have small children). It cost us £2.50 to park, but then found £3.01 on the floor near our car!! So we were 51p up on the day - until we visited one of the many superb cafe's in the site (sooooo many to choose from and all great). I can highly recommend the "Pavillion" tea room in the main car park - they even provide you with blankets if you want to sit outside! The Raspberry and Rhubarb frangipan cake was to die for.
This is where the Spencer - Stanhope family used to grow their famous Pineapples - you didn't know Barnsley was famous for its Pineapple growing did you! Apparently, they were in such demand at dinner parties, that they used to hire them out! I wonder if they used to come back with chunks missing out of them?

They always have a very colourful display in the greenhouse.

I could only peep through the garden gate into the walled garden - again, this is open around Easter I think. The museum and gardens are free of charge usually.

We strolled around the gardens,

and walked alongside the river which was teeming with birds - mainly Geese and Gulls all having a Sunday nap.

The site features ample parking, plenty of choices for places to eat, a farm, play area's for kids, museum, garden centre, farm shop, gardens, lots of places to roam - its a perfect day out actually. The village boasts a lovely pub and a restaurant too. Another fantastic tourist spot on my doorstep.
The only fault we could find with this wonderful walk was the smell of the Roast Beef and Yorkshire puddings wafting from the farm cafe - made us so hungry!
We have decided to put the cash that we found in a jar, and we are all going to keep our eyes peeled throughout the year, and see how much we can find. Anybody fancy a competition?


Michela said...

Jealous, jealous and jealous!!!
What did your son bring you back from Venice?! It was so chilly during the past days, poor boy!

Michela said...

Oooops..sorry, I'm not well up on that damned Playstation and its games! ;-)

Lyn said...

A few years ago I went to Cannon Hall Farm with the children from school and it was a fab day we all enjoyed. I think Hubby and I need to go back as I did not realise this hall and garden were there. Must make a note and go in the summer.

Joanne said...

Another great walk Diane, you do have some great spots on your doorstep.
Well spotted that's a fair bit of money just to pick up of the floor, our girl is the one to beat on this one she's always picking money up. she once found a pound in a bin.

You take amazing photo's.

Joanne x

Jennyff said...

Very nice day out and that sky is so blue, wonderful, hope it set you up for the week ahead.

andamento said...

Sounds like a great place to visit - wish it was a little closer so we could go too!

Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.


Lx @ Twelve said...

Lovely - Thankyou, its on my to visit list!


Lisa said...

I would love a day out there, it looks and sounds so lovely.
If you do make it down to visit the IOW let me know!
Lisa x

BusyLizzie said...

my best friend used to live near there! Thank you for your blog comment, Heartfelt has your name on it - so to speak! Lizzie

menopausalmusing said...

What a super place to visit. I found seven pence on the pavement last week. People were looking at me as if to say "fancy picking pennies up"......... but I did!

Rosie said...

Looks like another great day out, Diane! Sounds like a grat place to visit and free except for the car parking - 'twas your lucky day - wonder how much you will find in your jar by the end of the year?

love those cupcakes said...

What a great venue for a (profitable!) day out. I don't know the area at all although I'm told one of my cousins has a pub in Barnsley!

Julia said...

hello Diane

We seem to like the same sorts of places you and I. The Pavillion was a much sought after destination last summer when me and the Little One would visit the farm. I thought the cushions and blankets a lovely touch, just takes the edge off a crisp sunny spring day as I recall (as does the good coffee and cake haha)!

Lovely photos!

Julia x x x

BadPenny said...

I just love walled gardens and no I didn't know about the pinapples !

Find a Penny - pick it up and all day, You'll have good luck !

Karen said...

How very beautiful--looks so restful! Nice to find some cash as well. A pretty good day, all in all!

Joshy and belle said...

look at those lovely blue skies, it looked like a lovely day! fliss xx

Rowan said...

I had no idea there was such a lovely place near Narnsley, I've heard of Cannon Hall but didn't know where it is until now. It looks the perfect place to take my grandsons when they come up later this year, there's something for everyone by the sound of it, I like the sound of the Victorian Kitchens!

Caroline said...

Ooooh blue skies! Trust you to find those!
Thank you for mentioning the paris photo blog to me, I think I did see it before, but then blissfully forgot about it. I think it is called old age. It is completely fab though, can see how you got addicted.

Lazylol said...

Another one for the places to visit list!
Looks lovely Diane x

noelle said...

you always find lovely places to visit! xx

The Curious Cat said...

I love visiting places like these...nice big grounds to walk in...lots to see - and always a deliciously well stocked cafe/farmers shop! Hmmm... what a lovely day you must have had - with its little bonuses too! xxx

noelle said...

hey Diane, where are you? missing your posts!!! x x