Saturday 13 February 2010

Bright Red

Red roses on my fabulous "Paris" bag - bought for me by my friend who thought I should look chic on my 50th birthday!

Hearts - for Valentines day

My cosy new slippers - making me feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ

Red ribbons on birthday packages for a friend.

and my new red scarfe (and other scrumptious goodies) - courtesy of the very lovely Lisa .


...Nina Nixon... said... A lovely 'hot' post for this valentines day.

Have a good one,

Nina x

harmony and rosie said...

There's no place like home ....

Your red bag looks great fun! Sounds like you've had great fun too.

Kate x

Kathy said...

Lovely red slippers, and a very glamorous bag. Hope you enjoyed your day!
Love Kathy xxx

Rosie said...

What a bright and cheerful post, love all your red things - just right for Valentine's Day:)

The Curious Cat said...

Lots of red and love in your life...that is just how it should be! :) xxx

BadPenny said...

lovely lovely ( slightly thick here is it your birthday ? ) !

I love Rob Ryan's work - how great to see it in the flesh !

Michela said...

You're such a cool mummy Diane! And the scarf you got from Lisa is one of the must-have this Spring!

Anonymous said...

A very Happy Bithday (sorry it's a bit belated). You had some very swanky presents. Lots of red and lots of love and thought gone into them too, You are obviously very highly thought of.