Sunday 14 February 2010

West Bretton Old Church

In the grounds of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, lies the old West Bretton Church. Ive been visiting the grounds at YSP for many years now, and this is the first time I have ever seen the church! I must walk round with my eyes closed!!! What caught my eye on this visit was the lovely heart shapes on the gates.

The iron work railings are very special too.

The church is no longer used as they have built a new one in the centre of the village. This one was built by the owners of the house which also stands in the grounds - Bretton Hall.

It wasn't open to look around, but it looked intriguing - I'll have to find out when they open it. More heart shapes caught my eye!

The graveyard was a riot of snowdrops.

How have I missed this in the past?


Michela said...

Lazy girl has finally checked the meaning of "snowdrop" into her dictionary..It's our "Bucaneve" which means "make a hole into the snow"..
Have a great week!

The Curious Cat said...

What gorgeous detais...worth taking note of such things - they make a place extra memorable! xxx

Twiggy said...

It's funny at the YSP there is so much to look at but you tend to stick to the same routes. Me and my pal used to visit every week with our boys. When they started full time school last September we went on our own and had a good walk, we saw allsorts of stuff we'd never seen before by getting off the beaten track. It's a wonderful, tranquil place isn't it ?
twiggy x

elsy said...

you are so lucky diane to be near the sculpture park which i would dearly love to get to this year.........and even more so for the RR exhibition, i love his work. Great slippers by the way!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Ah, beautiful snowdrops - aren't they just the very best?
and ironwork - I do live it- and the heartshaped handle is just perfect.
Happy days,
D x

Rebecca said...

Beautiful snowdrops. You are very lucky to have all these wonderful places to visit, you can never get bored!

Lisa said...

Doesn't it make you smile to find something as everyday as a door latch looking so beautiful in it's simplicity.
Lisa x

BadPenny said...

I love the handle pic and of course the lovely delicate snowdrops - perfect setting

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hi Diane,

Yes do try Lewes, I think you would really like it.

What alovely church, I love the idea of having my own church to visit!

Sarah x

alice said...

Oh my!
I love those pictures. I love England and miss going on a yearly visit!
smiles, alice

A time to dance said...

I often go to the sculpture park of my favourite places...but I have never been to the church...despite doing my PGCE there many years ago (twenty to be precise)...I have lost my little home at Cocoa and Blankets, but have a new one, hope you will H

Rosie said...

Those gates are lovely - heart shapes just waiting for you to discover them:)