Saturday 20 February 2010

Hodsock Snowdrops

Hodsock Priory lies about 15miles away from us and is situated on the South Yorkshire/North Nottinghamshire border. It opens its gardens to the public in February as it is famous for its displays of Snowdrops. It's wonderful to be able to visit a garden at this time of year as not many are open, but Hodsock has the most amazing late winter/early spring plants and it is an utter delight to wander around.

I make no apologies for the profusion of photographs featuring colourful spring plants - I for one am glad to see them poking their pretty little heads out.

Edited - to explain that these seemed to be a miniature daffodil and in a very sheltered spot. My daffs are still no where to be seen in my garden!!

All the lakes and culverts were frozen over. They have a great selection of unusual plants and shrubs.

Its great to see colour coming back into the garden.

I love the Aconites, and these fabulous miniature lily type plants. Anybody any idea what they are? They were a gorgeous shade of blue, and had tiger markings on the inside.

I think that this is a Clematis - it was really pretty and caught my eye.

As you enter the woodland walk, the carpet of Snowdrops actually look like real snow.

One of the highlights of the walk, is the fire that they always have in the woods. This year, you could get a cuppa and a bacon sandwich here too!!

The young man - who claimed that he was "dragged" along got maximum "Wildlife" points for spotting a pine tree that had clusters of Ladybirds at the end of each branch. I wonder why they do this? Where is Bill Oddie when you need him!!

Its a fabulous place, and they have extended their opening until 5th March this year as the season was a bit late getting started. Pop along if you get chance.


harmony and rosie said...

Oh that snowdrop walk looks wonderful, it must be so exciting to walk through. But I'm a little confused; if you've had so much snow, why is it that your daffs are in full flower?

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

Kate x

Jennyff said...

What a gorgeous display of winter flowers. I can't believe the daffs are out, mine are barely out of the ground. I knew we should have stayed in Yorkshire where everything is bigger and better.

Diane said...

The daffs were a miniature variety and in a very sheltered spot. In my garden they are no where to be seen yet!!!

BadPenny said...

Heaven - I'm in Heaven ...have always wanted to take mum on a snowdop walk & never done it.
That Clematis if it is one is beautiful & I absolutley love anocdites.
I have a few little tete a tete popping up but the hens have their eyes on them !

Wish my lot would come with me - I guess that's what happens when you marry a man with sea in his blood - he doesn't do gardens !

Michela said...

My mum would go crazy in such a beautiful place, just some minutes ago she was drooling over Country Living pictures!
Those blue flowers looks like Iris..oh and of course I know what Primark is..I was taught by an English blogger!

Anonymous said...

Oh wonderful! I will be in Yorkshire soon so this would be a great place to visit!

andamento said...

Gorgeous photographs - you seemed to find so much in flower, beautiful!

A bacon sarnie sounds a good idea, mmmmmm.

Rosie said...

Isn't it a lovely place? We visited last year with my siter and b-in-law and believe it or not it was warm enough to sit outside the refreshment marquee and eat our coffee and cake! I remember the sweet smelling box as well as the snowdrops and cyclamens :)

Paul C said...

How coincidental my family collects heart shaped stones as you do. Regarding this post I am amazed at how advanced the wildflowers are already.

Gilly said...

what a beautiful place! I wanted to go to North Rode House, a similar sort of place, with snowdrop walks, but we have 6 ins of snow this morning!

Those little blue flowers with tiger markings are cyclamen. And I think ladybirds hibernate at the ends of branches.

You've also got hellebore, corkscrew hazel, hebe and other flowers out - not one of which should be out yet!!!

menopausalmusing said...

Amazing to see so much in flower! Thank you.

Blueberry Heart said...

ah, spring on the horizon- joy!! Fab photos, especially the base of the tree, gorgeous plants..I am almost tempted to get the patio furniture out...!!!
BH x

Caroline said...

What glorious places all around you... love the snowdrop carpets, and indeed your brilliant photos of all the spring flowers, try all you want, you can not stop them!
Thank you for your comment on my post. I loved the book Mrs Harris goes to Paris, went looking for it again, but these days you do not seem to be able to find Paul Gallico's books for love nor money.
Have never seen the film, will look that one out...
Have a good week and keep taking brilliant photos!

...Nina Nixon... said...

Mmmm.....Spring flowers - you are a tease.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Nina xxxxx

Sandies' Patch said...

Thanks for the tour of Hodsock Priory, I've been there a few times, it's always beautiful isn't it?
The little blue flowers with the tiger markings are Iris Reticulata and possibly called 'Clare',I say this with full confidence because I bought some from there in pots about 5 yrs ago!
I wonder if the ladybirds are quite literally glued to the pine by it's resin? Perhaps they thought it was nectar?
Once again, thanks for the tour!
Sandie xx

Just Original said...

How weird is that I live in Blyth and we get a free pass into Hodsock every year as my daughter goes to school with the folk that own Hodsock. It is a great venue for weddings and celebrations too.

Did you nip to the church as they do nice tea & cakes!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! such a Beautiful and Breathtaking post. Very Lovely ineed, ThankYou so much for sharing so much Gorgeous Spring magic :o)

Bumble Bee Cottage said...

Hi Diane,

I am definitely with you – I love snowdrops. It is like the Earth is finally starting to shake off the cold, dark days. The daffodils in Guernsey are starting to bloom and are available on a lot of the hedge vege stalls for 50p a bunch. Bit of a bargain really for a piece of portable sunshine.


Rowan said...

It looks so lovely, I've intended to go to Hodsock Priory for years but so far have never made it. It's obviously worth going though. The ladybird photo is amazing, well done to the Young Man for spotting them.Presumably they are in a state of suspended animation for the winter. I think Sandie is right about the blue flowers, they look like iris reticulata to me as well.