Saturday 3 April 2010


Inspired by my lovely bloggy friend Rosie, hubby ,the young man and I, took ourselves off today to Winster in the Peak District. I have visited every other village roundabout, but never Winster, so off we went.

The village is utterly charming. Every house is so very pretty. Its not hard to imagine that Miss Lane presides in the Post Office here!!

A lot of the houses are very grand, and I noticed that it was twinned with a town in Italy - I'm not surprised.

It had lots of cobbled alleyways.

I loved the gate on this B&B.

We decided to walk over to Birchover as we knew that they had a couple of great pubs there. The walk over was very steep, and very muddy, but really exhilarating. We saw what we thought was an almost dead sheep in a field, and I ran to fetch the farmer. It turned out to be just "beached" as it were. He said that there was a dip in the field and if they rolled the wrong way, they ended up on their backs with their legs in the air and couldn't roll back! He just rolled it over and off it went! In the next field we saw some of these - not what you expect in a field in Derbyshire.

The weather man had predicted a rainy day, so we were packed up with waterproofs. However, it turned out nice! I ended up walking in just a T shirt (however, I do have my own micro climate at the moment - being a fifty year old lady!)

We discussed whether we thought these ought to be brought back.

On our way home we called a Cauldwells Mill in Rowsley - the mill was working today. I often buy flour to make Pizza bases from here.

All in all a pretty perfect day. Just the sort I love.

The poor dancing queen has to work the bank holiday days as part of her "Saturday Job" contract. So she worked Friday, and she has had to work today and she will have to work Monday. She was not happy getting ready to go this morning, and wandered into my bedroom looking for sympathy. I said that when she got paid, if she gave almost all of it over to me (as I seem to have to do that with my wage! - hand it all over to fund her lifestyle!) then I may have a smidge of sympathy for her. She sulked out of the room. Hubby commented how some lessons in life are hard to learn!


WinnibriggsHouse said...

Hard lessons indeed but better learned now than later. Your trip sounds absolutely lovely just the job to blow the winter cobwebs away.

Rebecca said...

I can just imagine Miss Marple walking the street in the village of Winster, very pretty, Happy Easter x

Kathy said...

My daughter is working over the Bank Holiday too and she has got a 'grown up' job - life can be hard when you're just starting out I suppose.
I've been to Derbyshire many times but never heard of Winster. It looks lovely - we must investigate!
Love Kathy xxx

Lyn said...

Oh your hard!;-)
The walk looks lovely and if I ever see a beached sheep I now know exactlywhat to do!

Lx @ Twelve said...

Oh I have got all this to come with my two....

Thanks for the boys & dads advice!

Winster looked beautiful. We are hoping to go to Crich tramway museum for their '40's weekend tomorrow.

Love Lydia

Rosie said...

So pleased that you were able to get to Winster and that you enjoyed it. Isn't it delightful? I love Rowsley Mill - haven't been for a while but as well as the flour shop they used to have a wonderful gift shop and cafe.

Sandies' Patch said... county of birth and I would love to be able to afford to live in one of the lovely villages!
I love going to Cauldwell's Mill at Rowslay, buy flour and browse the crafts etc,oh..and eat hommety pie or their cheese scones or just about anything in the cafe! Aren't their cake portions generous?LOL!

Sandie xx

Jill said...

Looks like you had a great time.

I'm working over Easter too !

Hugs RosieP x

Gilly said...

What a beautiful walk! I amgoing to have to look up Winster on my map - its not a village I know!

But I would like to, from your photos.

Happy Easter!

topchelseagirl said...

What a beautiful village and great walk you had. Thanks for taking us along.

Country Rose said...

Some of those houses are incredible! Ahh.. Well a girl can dream!! x

Lisa said...

What a beautiful place to leave.
Glad the weather worke din your favour.
Lisa x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Those gates really are wonderful, what wonderful detail. I love the name Winster, brilliant! Woulsd make a brilliant nick-name for Chrurchill, "the Winster"! Tee hee,

Happy Easter to you all,

Sarah x

Blueberry Heart said...

Thats just the kind of place I can wander around for hours! Love your 'virtual tours'!!
And I loved the stocks - wonder why there was a padlock around them?? maybe Health and Safety got involved??!! party poopers....!
Have a great Easter Monday
BH x

The Girl said...

I am loving the image of a beached sheep at the moment. I wonder how long they lie there until the farmer comes to turn them the right way round again!

Aaah poor dancing queen, I've done my fair share of working easters and all the bank holidays and boxing days and new year' eve and days. I see it as something we have to go through to truly appreciate them when we get into 9-5 land!

Michela said...

Why are you so hard with the poor DQ????!!! I totally sympathize with her as when I was younger I used to work on weekends/public holidays xxxxx