Saturday 19 June 2010

All females great and small.

On Friday night, I had a night out with "the girls". The venue was somewhere I love to go for a night out, Baldwins in Sheffield. Baldwins host theme nights. Its a great idea, you book a table or tables depending on the size of your party and turn up for a lovely meal, followed by dancing to a live band and a disco. The nights are very popular for special birthdays, works nights out, general get togethers etc. (I have to say I was very impressed with the young girl who was having her hen night here with her friends and relatives - so much more tasteful than trawling the streets getting hammered!) The atmosphere is great, they seem to have the knack of getting you into the party spirit straight away. The theme for our night out was "Ascot Ladies Day".
It struck me as I danced the night away, that the room was full of ladies ranging from short to tall, thin to plump, young to old, abled, disabled, black, white and everything in between that almost all of these ladies would have gone through a general crisis of confidence, the nightmare of "getting ready" that I had - piles of clothing on the bedroom floor that was too tight, not right, the face in the mirror not looking as it should, makeup only making it look worse! But every last one of them looked stunning, beautiful and amazing. As if Gok Wan had turned each and every one of them out! It was like a "Here come the girls" advert. Almost every one of them danced till late too - especially the table of 80 year olds. Wow!

Aren't women great!

My own attempt at glamour for the evening can be seen on the sidebar as I insisted on being photographed looking half decent for a change! I have to say, I was way under dressed! but my wardrobe caters for camping trips and not trips to Ascot!! I had a fabulous time.
PS my bargainous shoes £5 brand new Jane Shiltons are the most comfortable dancing shoes ever!


Michela said...

Love your new picture! this year your nail polish is pink, eh?

menopausalmusing said...

Lovely sandals and a great night out by the sounds of it. :O))))

Lisa said...

You can't beat a good boogie!
Lisa x

Unknown said...

I think that photo of you is lovely.

Sounds like a fun night out. Thank goodness you boogied the night away in comfy shoes, there's nothing worse than having sore feet :0(

harmony and rosie said...

Love the photo, you look gorgeous (lovely St Ives tan) and I love the post too, yay to women I say. I have to admit I got a little nervous when you mentioned Gok Wan, thinking you were "gonna get naked on us".

Cute shoes!!


What a lovely post Diane. I have a lovely picture of you on my blog today :o) Thank you so much for my wonderful goodies

Rosie said...

What lovely twinkly toes with which to dance the night away - very glam - glad you had a great time)

lesley said...

You are absolutely nothing like I imagined!!! I saw a blond for some reason..don't ask me why lol I think you get an image in your head & that's it. Nice to see you at last! & well done to "the girls night out" I love it when we do things like that x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Loving the sparkly shoes! I know what you mean, no matter how young or old you are you still have to try several tops, skirts or dresses on before you go out gggrrr. mind you it all adds to the excitement I suppose.