Saturday 26 June 2010

Introducing Uncle Geoff

So, continuing our walk.
We crossed the pretty little bridge across the river Lathkill, then turned to go up the hill to Over Haddon.

This was our destination.

Uncle Geoffs tea rooms and the most eccentric place for lunch EVER! (Rosie and Rowan, I insist you try this tea room and tell me what you think). Now uncle Geoff is really "mutton Geoff" - he is as deaf as a post and must be 150 years old, and he runs this place all on his own. The tea room is a little place, through his garage and behind his house.

Its amazing and so mad!!! Perfect place for me then.

He has 4 tables - each seating 4 and the walls and ceilings are covered in photos and quotes.

I had the most expensive dish on the menu - Fish, Chips and pea - £3.40 and totally delicious. His cakes looked fabulous and were home made too. He also does tea's and coffees (his pot of tea was the best pot of tea hubby and I had ever had) and he does ice creams too - so if you don't want a full meal, you can simply call in for a look and a lolly! It really is the most wonderful little place.

We then set off for our next destination - not too far away. The views from the main street in Over Haddon are truly beautiful.

We passed their Well dressing - they have a butterfly theme happening here.

Ah yes, the Lathkill Hotel. (Incidentally the lunches here are brilliant too - just not as great value as Uncle Geoffs). They do have a few rooms here too - must book a romantic weekend sometime.

I had to try a swift half of Ing-ger-land by the famous (locally) Kelham island Brewery (I have taken you there before, but if you missed it, worry not, I'll be going back - purely for blogging purposes.) I can report that the ale was most fine and went down very well on this now boiling hot afternoon.

These are the best views from a pub that I have ever seen.

It was a shame that we had to leave. We continued our walk down to Allport where the Lathkill meets the river Bradford. I'll show you the last part of our beautiful walk tomorrow.


Rosie said...

Looks wonderful Diane, what a great walk! I like the butterflies on the well dressing and the views look amazing. Perhaps you and I and Rowan and anyone else from nearby should have a blogger's meet at Uncle Geoff's place one day:)

elsy said...

what a fab trip are so blessed with lots of wonderful places to visit in your part of the world.....hope to get up there in sept when 'dumping' eldest back at uni

Rebecca said...

oh my! I never thought I would Uncle Geoff's place on a blog... reading it actually made me a bit teary, my grandad always took us all here on a Sunday when I was little. Thank you or sharing! x

Zannah said...

Oh my goodness! I was there about 2 weeks ago - and we had a long discussion about whether to go the Lathkill Hotel, or Uncle Geoffs - and in the end we ate and drank at the Lathkill Hotel - I think a return visit is in order to sample Uncle Geoff's establishment though!!

(And yes - a fine place for a blogger's meet at some point...)

Ms B. Thrift said...

I love your Derbyshire walks, always shows me places I still have yet to discover in my own county! That fish and chips looks amazing!

Gilly said...

Yes, that's a lovely part of the world. Long time since I've been there, and walks like that are beyond me, so its good to see your photos!

You can be my surrogate walker!! ;)

Unknown said...

I love the sound of Uncle 'Mutton' Geoff.
£3.40 for Fish & Chips - what a bargain, and they look scrummy too.
I can't believe I've never heard of this place before.

lesley said...

Last time I ate fish & chips in a local pub it cost me £5 & I thought that was a bargain!! What a great little place Uncle Geoff's is :0)

Lazylol said...

That place looks fab. You have the best walks!