Monday, 9 May 2011

More Haddon Hall

We noticed that the sun had broken through outside, so we took the opportunity to explore the gardens at Haddon Hall.
The gardens have just undergone some renovations and are slowly coming back into some colour.

The hall sits nestled halfway up a hill above the river Wye in a valley, so you get some lovely views.

We also visited the beautiful old chapel. The walls are covered with old patterns and drawings.

Some are very strange.

It is a beautiful little church.

One of the things that Rosie, Rowan and I loved about Haddon Hall is that you are allowed to take photographs anywhere, inside or out. Great for bloggers.
The Long Hall is a beautiful room with great views. The colour of the wood panelling is gorgeous.

We all three took inspiration from how the house was decorated. Some of the flower arrangements were very inexpensive - I have recreated this in my own home for free.

Others were not so inexpensive. These roses were so beautiful I thought they were fake, but they were not. Does anyone know which roses they are?

This was one of my favourite photos of the day though. The red on this little Tudor girls costume contrasted strongly with the stone in the courtyard. We caught her eating her lunch - a couple of boiled eggs and 2 enormous pickled onions!


Janet said...

This is a place I must put on our to do list ! My hubby would love it too ! thank you for the tour Diane-a very interesting and enjoyable post.

two bones and a bagle said...

Another place within a stone's throw of mine and I haven't been YET. Another one on the places to go list. Looks like you had a great time. The little girl really looks so sweet.

Simone said...

More great photos! I bet that little girl enjoyed her pickled onions!!! x

Jo said...

What a little cutie sat on the stone steps. It looks like a really well organised and authentic event.

A garden just outside Venice said...

A great day out in a wonderful place in lovely company, how lucky!
Thank you for your email!

diane b said...

Photos allowed! What a bonus for 3 bloggers. It is a great place. If only the walls could talk. Love your photos especially the last one, I agree with you.

Diane said...

What a beautiful place to visit and your photos are fantastic. Diane

Lisa said...

It looks fab.Really unusual you could take photos inside.
That little girl looks very sweet.
Like the drawings of the flowes in the church.
Lisa x

Jackie, Erik, Jake, Drew said...

Once again another beautiful setting. I must admit I enjoyed the gardens the most. It sounds like yall had an ab fab day out full of entertainment and education.

potterjotter said...

Another great travelblog Diane! Those roses are divine - really blousy and pretty.

Rosie said...

That little girl was so sweet - when I took her photo in the courtyard she stopped, posed and then waved and smiled when I'd finished:) I loved those displays of cow parsley and beech leaves so simple yet stunning. I've seen so much cow parsley in the hedgerows today and no chance to stop and pick any to create my own display:)

Pomona said...

Quite amazing wall drawings and paintings - and the little girl at the end is very sweet! Sorry I can't help about the rose - never very good at remembering the different sorts!

Pomona x

Anonymous said...

I like the building, Diane and the walls covered partially by plants, they look great!

John Going Gently said...

I always found the chapel there incredibaly creepy!

Pennyblossoms said...

What a wonderful place. Never been but would like to one day!
Not sure if I would like to be stuck in a confined space with that little girl after that lunch!!
Z xx