Sunday 11 September 2011

Kedleston Hall

Many thanks for all your good wishes, I had a great birthday - perhaps being 52 is not going to be as bad as it sounds!!
Hubby and I took ourselves off to Kedleston Hall, a 40 minute drive just over the border in neighbouring Derbyshire. Ive never visited this NT property - even though it is so close!
The house featured in the recent lavish film "The Duchess".
The house was built in the 1760's by the Curzon family - who I believe still live here. It was built to be a place that Nathanial Curzon could show off his trophies from his trips abroad and houses a few "museums" within its walls.
The house was as ornate from the back as it was from the front.

It had absolutely acres of parkland.
The inside of the house is beautiful as you would expect.

The large marble hall is very similar to the one at Wentworth Woodhouse.
There are cupola lights throughout the hall - making it lovely and light.
The inside is truly scpactacular.
It certainly feels like a house the was "shown off" rather than "lived in".

We had a great time, looking around and I'll show you more of the hall later.


trish said...

Wow, what a magnificent place!

Louise said...

argh my internet is not cooperating and won't load any of the pictures!

I recognised Kedleston straight away when I watched the duchess, as well as the other places it featured and this hall is on my list of places to go to this month - I might even have bumped into you again there if I hadn't been hiding from the wind this weekend!

I have been to this property once or twice before as I did evening studies at Derby Uni for a couple of years so it was a convenient way of making the drive to hand in an essay worthwhile, combine it with a visit somewhere! I haven't been for years though which is why I feel the urge to return. I'm going to enjoy your photos when I can see them!

Catherine said...

What a great looking place! Cx

A garden just outside Venice said...

Wow, the back door looks fabulous! So your Birthday was spent as a Princess! :-)

Lisa said...

Very opulent surroundings to spend your birthday in! I've got that movie to watch, hidden away, somewhere!
Lisa x

Lyn said...

I do like Kedleston Hall, we have been a few times and find it as interesting as I did the first time.
Soon all the NT places will close for winter and I will have to wait till next spring to go again.
Another lovely day today Diane? of course it was, you spent it with fellow bloggers and making pretty things!

two bones and a bagle said...

Just like my place - um not! Had a great day today what a fab place for me to work. It was lovely to meet you 'in real life' - were you pleased that in real life I am actually quite sane. Just about to post about my day. Hope to see you again soon. WALKIES!

Rosie said...

I like Kedleston - it's about 40 minutes from us too (cfrom the opposite direction). Haven't been for a while, although we passed by the entrance as we left the Burrows Gardens a few weeks ago, must go again before long. Loved the Duchess - we bought the DVD - must watch it again. Glad you had a grand and sumptuous birthday:)

Kathy said...

I've never been to Kedleston .... it looks wonderful! I love the Duchess too .... such a sad film! looks like you had a lovely birthday!

Elizabethd said...

Very impressive. Isnt it wonderful to think that most of the pieces of furniture will have been there from the beginning.

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Wow. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing. Need to watch that movie, haven't seen it yet. And.. I gather it's your birthday? Happy Birthday! :)

Janet said...

What a fabulous place and what a nice way to spend your birthday xx

Susan T said...

A very happy birthday, what a wonderful place, I wouldn't like to do the dusting.

Anna at the Doll House said...

Hello Diane

A house like this needs a Duchess. I loved the film and the book.
Happy birthday.


Little Blue Mouse said...

What a beautiful place.

Happy belated birthday!

MorningAJ said...

I like Kedleston (and it's practically on my doorstep really. Sort of). Not sure whether I prefer it to Calke though (which isn't THAT far from you)
I went a couple of years ago when they were still doing it up and it was fascinating to see behind the scenes.