Sunday 18 March 2012

Time on my hands

esterday I found myself with time on my hands as my playmate was working. I had a choice. I could stay at home and tackle the mountain of ironing and clean up (as I have ladies from the WI round this week for a craft evening and the house is a tip!) or, I could nip into Sheffield to pick my tickets up that I had ordered from the City Hall. You guessed it, I nipped into Sheffield.
I picked up my tickets for our date with Phil and the girls which is later on in the year. We love to support our home grown talent - especially when they will make us feel like we are 20 years old again!

One thing I notice when I have days on my own, is how much I talk to strangers! And I love it. I had some great conversations with some lovely ladies. One of them was off to join this excitable crowd for the afternoon tea dance at the City Hall.
A few of you asked where the Chinese cake and coffee shop was on one of my previous posts - It sits at the top of Division street..... to one of my favourite shops "Within Reason"
I had to laugh at the menu outside of Yummy's Noodle Bar
As you already know, we have a lot of interesting art in Sheffield
I love this in The Bowery window - showing the true colours of the city (Blue and White!).
I didn't mean to show this, but either blogger is playing up, or my brain is - both highly likely! Anyway, its one of the stone carvings inside the Town Hall foyer and not a good photo!
The lime green of these really stood out in the city centre. The ones in my garden don't look this good.
There was a lot of green about for St Patricks day. The city's Irish population had a little parade and then met up on Devonshire Green for a bit of a party.
I photographed some more of the really old buildings in the city centre.

This was the entrance to the old Royal Hospital that used to sit on West Street. I found this interesting clip about the hospital - have a look, its wonderful. Just look at the roast beef they are serving for hospital food! I remember the hospital still being used - that makes me feel really old!
The old buildings sit side by side with newer ones.

More art - this time it was me and not blogger who forgot to include these. In our house, we particularly love the work of the Grafitti artist Phlegm (not the nicest name admittedly!) and are excited when we find a piece . Phlegm Blog here.
I loved the directions to the Beer Garden at the Great Gatsby
If ever you find yourself in Sheffield at lunchtime, be warned that we have a 1 O'Clock time signal - that when it goes off, sounds as if we are at war! Its so loud!
It always amuses me to hear people wondering "what the hell is that!!!" . I think it left over from when the cutlery workers used to return from lunch.
I got home too late to do any housework!x


greenthumb said...

Sounds like a better day out than doing ironing.

lazylol said...

Oh The Human League - how exciting. They are on my 'to see' list too!

topchelseagirl said...

I would've wanted to go into the tea dance, just to observe though lol. You make Sheffield sound such an interesting place, I must visit sometime. Back too late to do the housework, what a shame!!

Jackie said...

You are definitely getting your priorities right. I agree with topchelseagirl, would have been interesting to observe the tea dance - as a 'Strictly' obsessive I might have picked up some tips! xx

elsy said...

have a good day diane....another great tour of the sights and sounds of 'S' those park hill flats, just trying to persuade significant other to sell up and move north and buy one.....x

helen tilston said...

What a delightful day you had and thanks for bringing us along with you.You live in a spectacular city - I have not been to Sheffield and would love to go, it is my type of city, full of energy and variety.
I am happy you neglected your housework.

Helen xx

Diane said...

I am sure you picked the right thing to do. I am amazed how observant you are when you go for a walk, I never seen to see such exciting things unless I am in a village new me with lots of history. Your photos are great even the one you do not like:) Take care, t'other Diane

Kathy said...

Beats doing the ironing!
We used to have a one o'clock gun down on the river, but you could hear it all over the city. I used to run for the bus back to school after lunch time back in the day. I've no idea what happened to it. Must do a bit of research!

Rowan said...

Sounds like you had a good time anyway' It's a while since I've been up Division St so I haven't come across the Chinese cake shop - I know Within Reason though. Had no idea that Sheffield held a St Patrick's Day parade - must try and remember to go and see it next year - not that I've any Irish blood but I love Ireland and all things Irish.

Ray+Joan said...

Loved the video how things have changed I think the Dr.s & nurses looked after you better then, then they do now.reminded me of watching the Sunday night program "Call the midwife" loved it.

Rosie said...

What an amazing piece of film! As we were out all day yesterday I've managed to get most of the ironing done today. Paul bought a second hand Human League CD from a charity shop on Friday and put it on his MP3 player and I've been hearing his humming Mirror Man - slightly off key - all morning:)

Anonymous said...

That's the trouble with housework, you spend hours hours doing it then six months later you have to do it all over again!

I am really enjoying your posts about Sheffield, thanks for taking the time.

Lyn said...

Oh time for housework!
This post shows how much you love Sheffield, and we must meet up there again in the summer.

John Going Gently said...

WITHIN REASON used to be one of my favourite shops ( before it got too twee) infact I am sat on a chair right now bought from there)

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Of course you got home too late to do the housework! The other option was much more interesting - just love 'Cake 'R' Us' - and talking to strangers is preferable to talking to yourself, he he. x

Lisa said...

You definitely made the right decision. Tidying up can always wait!
Lisa x

Mad about Craft said...

I started my nursing career at the Royal, in 1978, as a pre nursing student. I worked on the female orthopaedic ward for a month before the Royal Hallamshire opened!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Sounds like you had a much better day than doing housework.
The 1 o'clock time signal is very interesting, I'll have to ask my daughter if she's ever heard it.

Jo said...

Why do housework when you can go for a wander around town? The tea dance looks well supported.

HippieGirl said...

Believe me when I say this, you were not the only one working hard. Me and my mom were busy pulling weeds out of our front garden Saturday. Man, some of them were really deep, and somehow, I don't know how, we had wild onions growing in our garden. And I'm getting pretty fed up with the neigborhood cats using the garden as their outhouse. It's no wonder nothing grows. But before I get any more off track like I normally do, me and my mom were busy pulling weeds and it was tiring. Next weekend we get to tackle the other side of the garden.

Young at Heart said...

ooh I feel like I've had a turn around the a once honorary supporter of Wednesday it's been awhile sine I've been to your fair city!!

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

I'm with Toffeeapple on housework. You really do make Sheffield feel like somewhere to visit. Everything you show us is tantalising - Phlegm's medievalist graffiti, zingy lime green Euphorbia wulffenii, ornate detail - we have lost so much of that here from the earthquakes. Christchurch's one o'clock Timeball station in the harbour fell down too:-( I enjoy that reminder of Sheffield's cutlery place in the world especially as on my recent trip to England, I was given an unused boxed set of old bone-handled knives - hand ground Sheffield stainless steel.

Happy walker said...

sounds great!

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)