Saturday 30 June 2012

Nora Ephron

I was sad to hear that Nora Ephron had passed away this week.  I love her books and films and she made my life a little brighter by them.  I often make the dull task of ironing better by watching "You've got Mail", "Julie & Julia" or my absolute favourite "Heartburn".  The scene in which Meryl Streep is at the hairdressers, 7 months pregnant and her hair half done when she realises that her husband is cheating on her and she dashes home to find the "proof", ties my stomach in a knot every time (and I have to put down the ironing at this point too!).  Heartburn was of course autobiographical and I love the way she used the book and the film to get some sort of revenge on her rat bag of a husband (played brilliantly by Jack Nicholson).

I share a lot of Nora's beliefs.  We both seem to believe that you should fill as much of your life with romance and fun as is humanly possible, and when you get your heart broken, remember that it is only a matter of time before you will be able to laugh at the humour in the situation. We also shared a belief that good food makes the world go round.


Lisa said...

Yes that was very sad news, I love You've got Mail, it's a family fave here.
Lisa x

Lynn Holland said...

Think I will have to check the good lady's books and films. She sounds wonderful.
Lynn :)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I have never heard of her or the titles you propose. Too late now.

helen tilston said...

A beautiful tribute thank you. Map Nora rest in peace.

I loved the book heartburn and have cooked many of the recipes which are exellent. My "go to" recipe is on P.100 - the no cook pasta sauce, it is excellent

Helen xx

Rosie said...

I knew of her from 'You've got Mail' and 'Sleepless in Seattle' two of my favourite films. Last year I finally saw 'Julie and Julia' and loved it. I've never seen 'Heartburn' so must try and find that one. What a sad loss to the film industry - I love the gentle, funny and human quality of her work:)

Mac n' Janet said...

My favorite was Julie and Julia, also liked Heartburn, both as a movie and a book.