Thursday 28 June 2012

Street Art

I saw on the news this morning, a debate about street art/ grafitti.  Some people don't like it.  My opinion is that if permission has been gained, and in the right place, it can look fabulous.  We have some great street artists in Sheffield.  It amazes me that they produce such stunning, detailed works of art that are only going to be temporary.

 They are more stunning in real life.  These are by Rocket01
 We still have lots of derelict factory's dotted around the city centre and these are often used by the urban artists as a canvas.
 I think that this is one by Faunagraphic.  Always stunning.

I love this pub that has a huge piece of art in its stunning Beer Garden, and also on the wall outside.
And this is a collaboration by Phlegm and Kid Acne.

A wander around some parts of the city is like a grand tour of an art gallery - and a perfect way to spend  a warm summers evening.


Colette said...

I have to say I really love it. but like you said only temporary.

I saw your Heligan post the day we went down (had it up on my phone on the way down to show Mum what it looked like.

Might try out that camp field as when we go we won't be able to take Lily.


June said...

I love street art! I specifically go up to Brick Lane / Shoreditch to see the new street art in London. So I'm with you on this one!

Lisa said...

I must be learning, I recognised Phlegm's art work before I read who it was by!
They are pretty amazing on such a huge scale.
Lisa x

topchelseagirl said...

I agree with your opinion. Some of them are so talented.

Rosie said...

I saw that report on TV too. Some of it I like some of it I don't (I feel the same about other painting genres Pre-Raphaelites for instance) and I don't know where the cut off point from the like to dislike is - perhaps it is to do with the harshness of it but then derelict building have an edge to them so it follows that the artwork should too:)

Gilly said...

Some of these artists are very talented. And its a good way to see their work! I'm with you on Street Art - fine in the right place, I hate to see it removed when it actually improved a derelict factory or something!

Jo said...

I think street art is brilliant, a great way to cheer up derelict buildings.

Diane said...

I agree if it is good and they have permission, it can brighten up some dreary places. These photos are a great collection of good street art. Have a great weekend. t'other Diane

Mac n' Janet said...

In an area where it's permissible it can be great. I hate to see private property defaces no matter how talented the artist might be.

Anonymous said...

When it is good quality as here, then I like it a lot but what I truly dislike is nasty, childish stuff that has no reason to it.

BadPenny said...

Interesting to see when I'm in a day I'll get to Brick Lane

A garden just outside Venice said...

If done in a modern-looking city like Sheffield is ..why not?