Wednesday 15 August 2012

A message from my friends at Yorkshire Water

I received this in my in box yesterday:
With the support of the Environment Agency and local authorities, we
(Yorkshire Water) are spending £110million along Yorkshire’s East Coast to
help improve the quality of the bathing water.  In fact, we think with this
investment and working with others we’ll have the best beaches in Europe –
move over Mallorca!
Why are we doing this?

The quality of our water is measured against the European Bathing Water
Directive. The current directive sets standards  of bathing waters which
will be classed as Excellent, Good or Sufficient if they meet the new
standards and Poor if they do not. These more stringent standards mean that
we need to ensure that bathing waters are even cleaner in future.  We’re
the only water company going for the elite Excellent standard.
Yes we can…

To kick this campaign off we’re holding a Guinness World Record attempt on
Scarborough beach, with our sole aim to build 1,000 sandcastles in an hour,
each 2 ft high.

Date: Friday 17th August 2012

Time: Arrive between 10.15am and 10.30am. The record attempt will begin at
11am and we have 1 hour to do it.

Location: Towards the right-hand side of South Beach (look for the blue

So slip on your flip flops, knot your hanky and bring all your friends and
family for a whole host of good old traditional British seaside fun...

It’s not just about the world record

We’ll also be giving away fish & chips and people will have the chance to
visit a beach hut video booth to tell us what they like most about the
coast.  QR codes will also be dotted around directing people to our website
page where they will be able to see videos, pics and posts from the day.

How you can help us

We’d love you to be part of our world record attempt, so why not join us on
Scarborough beach?  If you can’t make it, you could help us recruit some
builders for the day or just spread the word about what we’re doing to help
make Yorkshire’s beaches the best in Europe.  No heart shaped buckets I'm
afraid though...
For more information please visit –

Many thanks
I can't make it I'm afraid, but if you can, make sure you take photos and let me see them.  If you can spread the word - please do.


Louise said...

I'd love to go to that! A bit too far for me, I have lots to do on Friday and Dave is at work anyway. It sounds great though!

Thanks for your comment on my 'round three' post. Glad you didn't notice my rosacea at Thornbridge but that's only because I had my special camouflage make up on and that was only good for good weather days! It's great to be able to go out with no make up now and not look like rudolph!

Ticking stripes said...

And I was just about to send you a vintage hanky to knot the corners of!
I'd loved to have joined in but I'm in Edinburgh!

Rowan said...

It sounds as though this would be fun but not do-able for me sadly.

Carol said...

Hope everyone who went along had a great time.
Carol xx