Monday 13 August 2012

Until next year

Although we have visited St Ives at least once each year for the last 16years, we always find plenty of different places to visit and things to do.  Every where is so beautiful and colourful.

 Living with a sports mad teenager, we had to find a TV at strategic times over the fortnight.  We became "regulars" at the Lifeboat Inn in St Ives - the sacrifices a mother makes for her child!  The atmosphere in the pub when lovely Jess Ennis won was superb.  We all went a bit mental!

 We had some good weather,
 And one day of bad weather,
 It was no better on the other coast on that day either - you can just make out St Michaels Mount in the middle of the mizzle.
 But we also had some very very good weather which saw us lolling around on the beach a great deal of the time.

 So, hopefully see you again next year St Ives - you are certainly under my skin.


Patricia said...

It's lovely there isn't it. We have spent many a happy hour on that particular beach as well as the other four. We were first introduced to St Ives by my son and his wife who spend every year there. In fact they were so smitten that they bought a fishermens cottage in Island Road for holidays and weekends away. Glad you enjoyed your stay.
Patricia x

Angie Burrett said...

Good old St Ives - hits the mark every time - so pleased you had such a good time x

Lisa said...

You just need to find the perfect little second home down there Diane!
Lisa x

lemonade kitty said...

The sun shining at the seaside, sounds like a wonderful holiday, Lucey x

Lyn said...

It is beautiful and you picked a good time to go...good job it wasn't in June ot July!

Down by the sea said...

Lovely photos again Diane. We have been told on several occasions while staying in the area that the weather on the other coast is likely to be different. What a shame it wasn't for you this time.
Sarah x

Rosie said...

You were so lucky with the weather! Glad you got to see your Sheffield golden girl win her medal. All your photos are lovely but that first one is so beautiful:)

Paula said...

I love Cornwall. It is so unspoilt. Your last picture is more like a painting. Beautiful.

Curtise said...

Such lovely photos of a gorgeous place. xx

HippieGirl said...

On the comment you left on my Black Sabbath post, someone really played Led Zep at a funeral? Wow, that's cool. And I'm just guessing on this one, but I'm guessing the Go Team G.B. means Great Britain right? The olympics were massive there. I heard the Beatles, at least Paul McCartney, sang Hey Jude. Loooooooooooooooooooove that song!!! I always love reading your posts, they always cheer me up and put me in a good mood