Friday 17 August 2012

Our Sunday Stroll

On Sunday, I took one look at the ironing pile and decided it could wait.  We went on a stroll from Bakewell around the Haddon Estate instead.

It was a lovely walk, boiling hot but very muggy and hazy.
I hate walking through fields of cows - especially when they all have enormous horns like these.
Hubby hadn't spotted "the obvious" here and got a nasty shock when it turned around and had a ring through its nose.
When the railway was built, it had to go through a tunnel under the Haddon Estate and Haddon Hall.  The tunnel is bricked up now, but some mad fool looks as if they have losend a few bricks to go inside exploring.

After our walk, we called back at the gorgeous little village of Beeley for a swift half - we deserved it.
I found this for you.
The village is part of the Chatsworth Estate and very pretty.  Some of the cottages are holiday lets.

A wedding was being held in the village hall and I was trying to get a glimpse of the wedding party, but I only managed to see these locals.


andamento said...

Rather you than me in a field with that bull. Glad you survived without incident. Love the first photo of the woodland.

ChrisJ said...

I know all those places you mention and it makes me feel quite homesick. I was at college and lived an extra year right around there. Lovely photos. Such a beautiful area.

diane b said...

So many lovely villages tat you show us. Walking beats ironing any day. Great pictures.

Rowan said...

Haddon is one of may favourite areas but I don't think I've ever been to Beeley. I don't mind walking through a field of cows but I would think twice if there was a bull with them:) He must be a nice bull though or I doubt whether the farmer would put him in a field with a public footpath running through it.y

Pomona said...

Those animals look very scary - and you never know, he might have been put there to scare off the ramblers!

Pomona x

BadPenny said...

Another lovely walk with you x

Lisa said...

A much better way to spend your time rather than with the ironing. First scarecrow I have seen with plaits!
Lisa x

Curtise said...

I am a past master at ignoring the ironing pile too! Beautiful Derbyshire was a much better bet, lovely pics. xx

Carol said...

Long time since we walked round there. We try to give fields of cows a miss if there is an alternative, so unpredictable.
The locals looked friendly enough!
Carol xx

Gilly said...

That's a very pretty walk you did, apart from the Highland Cattle with horns! Think I'd have made a detour!

And there's always someone who wants to explore in dangerous places. Then they get stuck, and the rescue teams have to turn out (at tax payers cost) and dig/pull/excavate them from wherever the idiots went!

Little Blue Mouse said...

A much better activity than ironing!
Thanks for finding another heart for us.

harmony and rosie said...

The Chatsworth cottages look really pretty.
I'm scared of walking through cow fields, just thought I'd tell you ;)

rusty duck said...


Just found your blog (via Rosie). But should have found it BEFORE I did the ironing!

Your pictures are lovely. What a beautiful part of the country.


Anonymous said...

Those Longhorn Cattle really live up to their name don't they? You were far braver than I should have been.