Sunday 2 September 2012

Art in Sheffield

You know that we have a fantastic art scene here in Sheffield - there is always so much going on.
On our visit into the city yesterday, I snapped this fabulous street art for you by Rocket01 - one of our favourites.

We were heading for "Art in the Park" at the Botanical Gardens.  Such a brilliant place for local artists to display their work.  We loved almost all of it.  We need a large piece for a blank wall in the living room, but at £1900.00 the piece we loved most will have to remain on the wish list - pending a lottery win!

The standard of the works is exceptionally high and ranges from folk who just like to dabble to artists who make a living from their talents.
It was a fabulous atmosphere and lovely and hot and just what hubby and I needed.
We had a major discussion with another family as to whether or not this statue was a real person or not.  The artist assured us it wasn't but we were not convinced.

I love the Botanical Gardens at any time, but with the addition of art, some fab food stalls and music, it was a great place to spend Saturday afternoon.
And then we hot footed in down to another venue where an arts and culture day was taking place.
My daughter had been asked to film the days happenings which were part of the Red Bull Curates day at the Leadmill in Sheffield.  These have been taking part all over the world and feature artists, dancers and bands from the local area, as well as a few stalls.  It was free to get in and it was wonderful to see the talent on display.
I'll show you the film she made when it's edited etc (if I am allowed to!).  She had a great day filming it - its what she wants to do when she finishes at Uni and yesterday made her realise just how much she wants to do this.
I think we recently lost the bid to be the "City of Culture" (to Liverpool I think), but to be fair, Sheffield doesn't really need a phoney badge.  In the 70's and 80's, we did used to be a bit of a cultural wasteland, but not any more.  There is always something happening - and I love it!


Jo said...

What a great place for art work to be displayed. It looks like you had some gorgeous weather too. Sorry to hear you've been hospital visiting, hope your father in law is on the mend.

June said...

I too love street art - that's a great piece by Rocket01.
Yesterday was such a sunny day and good for the artists etc as more people turned up than had it been raining! I agree the tattoo'd man could be real - it is a bit creepy!

Curtise said...

Forgot all about Art in the Park this year - whoops! I have been before though and really enjoyed it. I bought a photograph as a gift for my brother-in-law and always rather wished I had kept it for myself!
I am very fond of the Botanical Gardens too. The renovated glass houses are so beautiful. I remember the aquarium being there when I first came to Sheffield, and was there also an aviary?
The Leadmill event sounds great, and what a good gig for your daughter to be asked to film it.
I think Sheffield is pretty cultured these days! xxx

Lx @ Twelve said...

I think you always manage to highlight all that is good about Sheffield....
Showed G pictures of the street art, he was very impressed. Glad you & your G had a good day.
Keeping you in my thoughts.

Mad about Craft said...

You've made me home sick - again! I'm a city girl at heart and I miss Sheffield, I know we live near Manchester but I didn't grow up in Manchester, my teenears where in Sheffield!

DeniseinVA said...

You gave us a great tour here. The highly decorated man looked real, and the mural portrait was impressive. Looked like a great day.

greenthumb said...

What a lovely day out you must have had, looks great.

**Anne** said...

Wow, what a wonderful day you had. The big portrait in your first photo is most impressive. Portraits are hard enough to do on a small scale let alone on the side of a wall. I'm glad the weather was just perfect for such an occasion, doesn't look like their was a rain cloud in sight.
Thanks for sharing,
Anne xx

rusty duck said...

As my only experience of Sheffield to date has been driving through it on the M1, this has been an eye opener.

You are a great ambassador.

I hope your father in law continues to improve. J.

Rosie said...

The gardens look wonderful in the sunshine. The painted man statue does look a bit unerving I must admit, it looks an interesting event to go to:)

BadPenny said...

Sheffield is on my to visit list !
Congratulations to your daughter x

Lyn said...

oh wow that looks great, I didn't know about the Botanic gardens, they look worh a visit.

Lisa said...

What an exciting opportunity for the Dancing Queen!
Love the huge picture in the first photo, really, really good.
Lisa x

diane b said...

It certainly has turned into a vibrant city. What fun for you and especially dancing queen. Good luck to her for her career dreams to come true.

A garden just outside Venice said...

lovely day out!

Anonymous said...

I wish so much that I could see all that. How did the artist manage to make David Attenborough so perfectly in such a large space?!