Saturday 1 September 2012

Better late than never.

We were on holiday in St Ives when the Olympics were in full flight, and I have to admit that the best night we had was in the Lifeboat Inn when our lovely Jess Ennis won GOLD and the whole pub jumped up in the air.

As you may know, Jess  is a Sheffield Girl of whom we are mightily and justifiably proud.  I love the poster on John Lewis - I don't think that they should take it down.

 And of course, we have the golden post box.

It was great to have a walk around Sheffield in the sun today after a week of sitting by my father in laws bedside in hospital all week.  He is still very poorly but he has made some progress  throughout the week.  


jennyfreckles said...

She's a hero of mine too. Such a lovely girl as well as an amazing athlete. Well done Jess!

Carol said...

Glad your FIL is doing well.
Yes, Jess really did us proud. What an inspiration.
Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend, it is so lovely to have just a little bit of sunshine,
Carol xx

Lyn said...

Glad your father in law is making progress Diane.

Did you see Hannah Cockcroft from Halifax last night? it was great!
She's a star.

Faye said...

I hope you father in law gets better soon. I was hooked on the olympics and am now hooked on the paralympics, I have been out looking for my local gold post box!

Sandies' Patch said...

Sorry to hear about your Father in law, I do hope he makes a good recovery.

Sandie xx

helen tilston said...

Wishing your father in law a speedy recovery.

I love the Olympics this year. The golden mail boxes are such a wonderful idea. Are all the mailboxes in town painted in gold or just one. How long will they remain gold?

My best

Curtise said...

We live just down the road from Woodseats so we consider Jess our local heroine! She has definitely inspired my 10 year old daughter, and what a brilliant role model she is.
Jess attended my son's sports day this year, and my daughter met Hannah Cockroft at a sport event too, so they have been very interested in both the Olympics and the Paralympics. I think the whole thing has been wonderful.
Hope your father in law's health continues to improve. xx

Rosie said...

Glad to hear that your father-in-law is improving. Hope you can find a little sunshine again today around your hospital visits:)

June said...

The whole Olympics Team did us proud and Sheffield is lucky to have Jess Ennis as a mascot.
Hope your FIL is better soon.

topchelseagirl said...

Hope your fil gets well soon. Love the gold postboxes, hope they stay that way for a while.

diane b said...

You can all be proud of her, A great athlete. Sorry to hear of your sick FIL. Hope he recovers.

Gilly said...

Hope your FIL continues to make progress.

Yes, I nearly fell over trying to jump for Jess! I love athletics, and she was the tops!

Now I am watching the Paralympics - they are great!

AND I've got round to doing another blog!!!

Down by the sea said...

So sorry to hear about your FIL hope he continues to make good progress.
Sarah x

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

The gold postboxes are such a great touch! You are all rightfully proud, and I'd say the great poster should stay up a long time!
Blessings to your FIL and his continued recovery.