Sunday, 23 June 2013

Walking into Whitstable

For those of you who asked, we booked the lovely beach house through here. Whilst our place only slept 2, there were others that slept up to 6 and all of them looked lovely and were in the same peaceful vicinity.  The booking process was really easy and everything went smoothly.

We did lots of walking whilst we were in Seasalter.  We walked into Whitstable a few times.  It said in our info booklet that it took less than 30 mins to walk in, but the houses are so gorgeous along the way, and I am so nosey, that it took over an hour each time!  Some of the houses are sea side shack type of residences, whilst others are huge houses with £1million + price tags.

The town itself has a delightful selection of individual shops and places to eat.  It has a nice vibe.

After a particularly long beach walk, we called back for a drink on the beach at the Old Neptune.  I felt sozzled as soon as I walked into the pub as the bar and floor is very sloping!  Hubby and I are still on the "alcohol free"  - 6 months and counting!
We had some celeb neighbours.  Apparently Janet Street Porter and Harry Hill  both have a des res on this beach, and I remember this pad being on a Nigella programme once as one of her pals owned it.
The Oysters and mussels are grown and farmed in abundance in the bay - this bed was revealed outside of our house when the tide went out.

We had a lovely relaxing time.  Friends thought we might run out of things to talk about as it was our first holiday without the kids, but I've never run out of things to talk about in 53 years,  and hubby only half listens and forgets most of what I say, so it doesn't matter if I repeat myself anyway!


Anonymous said...

Everything looks rather lovely. I spent my honeymoon there but that was in 1966 so things have changed quite a bit.

It's good to know that you had a great time, you won't be able to stop now!

June said...

Thanks for this post, it so brought out memories of our stay in Whitstable two years ago. A fabulous place - we stayed in a house just around the corner from the white building in your last photo. I will always remember the fab sunsets.

Down by the sea said...

I have never been to Whitstable, but have read lots about it. I can now see what I have missed it looks lovely!
Sarah x

Louise said...

Your last couple of posts have made me want to visit Kent for a quiet, relaxing few days by the sea :)

Rosie said...

It all looks so lovely, Diane. What a great holiday you've had:)

tlcukjourney said...

What an amazing area... Completely gorgeous! You're blessed!
Tammy xx

greenthumb said...

So very pretty.

Linda P said...

That looks like a beautiful place by the sea. Glad you and hubby had a relaxing time there.

John Going Gently said...

Chris hails from Broadstairs ..but I think I have already tod you that

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Alcohol free 6 months? Wow, that's impressive Diane - just know I couldn't do it!

Whistable looks great, wonderful pics as always. x

Lisa said...

I think this must be put on the list if places to visit, it sounds really lovely. Your comment about talking made me laugh!
Lisa x

Little Blue Mouse said...

I had to laugh at your talking comment too!
It looks really lovely, thanks for the link to where you stayed.