Friday 5 July 2013

Hidden talents

My sister and her husband have revealed their hidden talents recently.  My brother in law made me this planter out of some old decking .

 I think its brilliant! I'm growing herbs in this one, but I'd like another next year to grow Strawberries in (hint hint as they now read my blog after years of ignoring it!)
 My sis used to have a bit of a talent for painting, but has never done much with it, so I was overwhelmed when she produced this for me the other day - the photo does not do it justice!! It is of course our spot on the beach in the harbour in St Ives - all the family love it and cannot believe she has painted it!
 And finally, my best girl is 21 today.  She is on holiday in Santorini and sounds like she is loving every minute.  I am sat in the garden toasting her with alcohol free champagne.  My life changed beyond belief 21 years ago.  I always tell her that she has taught me much more than I have ever taught her.  We have our arguments, she has always challenged and pushed the boundaries, but we love each other very very much.  She knows her own mind and I admire her very much for it.  She recently learned that she had obtained a First in her degree - which was astounding - especially after a worrying first year.  She has worked very hard and continues to do so.  I want the very best things in life for her  because she deserves them. Happy Birthday Becky Boo xxx


Kathy said...

Congratulations on the 21st, and wow!!! even more congratulations on the 1st. You must be so proud!!!
Kathy x

Rosie said...

A first for her 21st - absolutely brilliant! Love the painting and the planter too:)

June said...

Congratulations on the 1st - wowsers, you must be very proud and Happy 21st.

Jennifer Hays said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! She sounds like a very accomplished young lady.

primrosesattic said...

Happy 21st to your daughter. My daughter is 24 and she is the best thing that happened to me well besides my beautiful son. Love the planter and picture, they are both very talented.

**Anne** said...

A very Happy Birthday to your daughter, turning 21 is so special.
I love your deck planter and love when wonderful things are made out of bits and pieces lying around. As for the painting, WOW it's fantastic. You have a VERY talented sister.
Anne xx

tlcukjourney said...

Congratulations to your daughter and happy birthday to her!
Your sister has an amazing talent, she could sell her art... absolutely beautiful and I love how your brother in law upcycled and made you that planter! You're a lucky and blessed lady!
Have a great weekend!

Sue Hayton said...

Well done to the Dancing Queen you must be so proud. It seems like no time since she went to Uni!

Jo said...

Many congratulations to your daughter on her 21st and fantastic news on the 1st, you must be so proud. I love the painting which your sister did, even more so as she's captured a place which is special to you.

greenthumb said...

Happy birthday to your daughter, your sisters painting is just lovely.

Ray+Joan said...

Very talented sis & brother-in-law, Julie is going to paint me one too. Lee says there will be another planter to follow when they come home.

Sandies' Patch said...

Congratulations to your 21 yr old!
The painting of 'your spot on St.Ives beach is really good - tell your sister that she is genuinely gifted!
Love your herb planter too!

Sandie xxx

lazylol said...

Happy 21st to your girl and congratulations on the 1st. You must very filled with pride :)

Gilly said...

Congratulations to Becky - 21 AND a 1st!!

And congratulations to your sister - that is a great painting. And your planter - I am overwhelmed with admiration. What a talented family you all are.

Lisa said...

A wonderful post bursting with love and happiness!
Many congrats to Becky on her first and on her 21st too! I hope she has the most amazing birthday on her jolly holiday!
Love the planter and obviously artistic talent runs through all the females in your family, the painting from your sister is fabulous!
Lisa x

Lyn said...

Belated birthday wishes to Becky.....just catching up on my blog reading!
I love the painting and the planter, talent runs in the family. Xxx

Curtise said...

Congratulations to your daughter on turning 21, and on getting a First - well done Becky!
Great planters too, Diane. xxx