Friday, 20 September 2013

Tiny Tamper

We started our day on Sunday with breakfast at the original small Tamper Coffee shop on Westfield Terrace in Sheffield.  It doesn't have as extensive a menu as the new larger place, but the coffee and food is still very very good - especially for a weekend breakfast.

 It has very simple decor, but I love these light bulbs - I need to get some for my home! (Just realised that this is actually upside down!)
 I have had to start drinking de-caff coffee and I have to say that I cannot tell the difference here.  It is exceptionally good coffee.
 I love the simple but very effective touches around the place.
 Recognise the spoons?
 We couldn't make our minds up what to have so settled for butter fried mushrooms on toast with Chorizo to share and....
 ... very delicious french toast with bacon and maple syrup to share too.
I love having my breakfast out .  Enjoy your weekend folks x

PS  I've been faffing with the blog and my blog list and archives are now down at the bottom.  Can't shift them (without something dire happening) for love nor money!


Gilly said...

Diane, I just can't keep up with you!
Loved your last two blogs on old Sheffield, so very interesting - and you are lucky to have a husband who likes going to these places with you! Mine just goes outside and looks fed up!! So I enjoy your descriptions and superb photos!

The breakfast looks good, too!

primrosesattic said...

Breakfast out I love it. The last time I did that was with my son. We popped into central London to drop my daughter off. So was there really early, wanted to show my son Harrods etc so ended up having breakfast in a lovely Italian coffee house opposite it. He loved it. It's nice to treat yourself sometimes.

John Going Gently said...

Remind me where Westfield terrace is?
Off west street?

greenthumb said...

Yum looks great.

A garden just outside Venice said...
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A garden just outside Venice said...

You might be surprised to see me here :) I still enjoy reading what my penpals have been up to when I have some spare time!
Have a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

You make me feel that I should move to your area!

Unknown said...

Well, that certainly got my mouth watering!! Love the thought of French Toast with bacon and Maple Syrup - Must try that!
I drink decaf and find the smoothest (for me) to be Kenco.

Rosie said...

Those cakes look good and it looks a good place to eat breakfast - I love it when we set out early on a journey and stop somewhere for breakfast - such a treat:)

Lyn said...

Oh going out for breakfast how lovely!

Curtise said...

Mmm, I love breakfast/brunch out too, and yours looks delicious! xxxxx

Young at Heart said...

oh that all looks so utterly delicious.....just finished my (homemade) bowl of French onion soup and was feeling rather svelt like and I'm starving!!!!!x

Lisa said...

Mushrooms on toast and waffles and bacon. Breakfast is the best meal of the way I reckon!
Lisa x