Wednesday 3 June 2015

Climb every mountain - part 2

I had been looking forward to our walking groups trip to walk England's  highest mountain with a little dread.  You know I love a canal walk and I'm not keen on hills.  However the day dawned and off we drove to Cumbria to walk up to the top of Scafell Pike - England's highest mountain..  

 We were exceptionally lucky with the weather.  The thing with these mountain walks is that you often can't see the top, they are a little hidden around bends and other hills.  Scafell was like that - I couldn't see the top until we were almost there.
 The area of west Cumbria is stunning.  Geographically spectacular and it takes your breath away at every twist and turn.

 I've stood looking up at these hills before but never ever imagined I would one day be stood on top of them!
 The climb up was steepish and fairly arduous  but we stopped often to take in the breathtaking scenery.

 Hubby even managed to find several heart shaped rocks along the way!
 My photo's do not capture how absolutely stunning the views are - you'll have to walk up there yourselves!

 It lifted our spirits when we got to a point where we glimpsed the sea.
 I can't tell you how beautiful it was.
 We were doing really well until we got almost to the top, and then who ever had made the mountain had obviously thought they would make the final bit tougher!  A boulder field slowed us down as we crossed it slowly, trying not to twist an ankle!  And the very final bit involves a hazardous downhill bit before a very steep and scrambley uphill bit.  Not nice - and if it hadn't been for hubby's encouragement, I would have wimped out and waited at the bottom for the rest to come back down.
 But eventually, with much pushing and shoving - I was on top of the mountain!!!!!  HURRAY!!! Look how pathetic I look - I can barely raise a smile!
 I can't tell you how proud I was of us all.  I did announce my retirement from mountain climbing immediately at the top - but I seem to remember saying that after climbing mount Snowdon last September.
 After a brief bask in glory, the leaders decided that we would not go back the way we came (because of the boulder field).  So they studied the map and decided we would descend down the " corridor path" which looked a tad shorter but a lot steeper.
 It was treacherous! So rocky and very close to the edge of some fairly steep drops.  I began to realise that this might not be a great idea as we hadn't seen another soul on the path.  We did hit one very hairy sheer rock face where there was no real obvious way to continue on.  We were just about to despair, when from nowhere a very young man with long golden hair and a golden orange top appeared and cheerfully asked if we needed any help.  He took our walking poles and safely helped us all individually over the rock face.  My sister declared he was an angel and he shall be forever known to us as Angel Gabriel!  Once in a place of safety he bid us farewell an sprinted off like some super human being!
The walk took a lot longer than we thought.

We made our way back to the youth hostel in Borrowdale where we had booked ourselves in for the evening.  I've never stayed in a youth hostel before, but it was great and once in the bar, we recovered from our extreme fatigue.  I keep telling the walking group that I am going to write a sit com about them all - the night in the Youth Hostel certainly gave me plenty of material for an episode!!!  I wonder who could play Angel Gabriel?


magicmoonmusings said...

Congratulations! You do NOT look pathetic, just tired :) Stunning pictures, as always. That was quite an adventure, and you should be very proud of yourself.

Rowan said...

Well done you! Climbing Scafell is a real achievement, I'm not at all sure that I could do it. Fabulous scenery in the photos - I wonder who your Angel Gabriel was?

Rosie said...

Oh, well done to you and everyone, what a difficult climb but with such stunning views too. I wonder who your guardian angel was? I have vivid memories of a Youth Hostel in Yorkshire we'd been to a Victorian Evening at Fountains Abbey and there was our party and some people who'd been to a religious festival in Harrogate. The door in our communal room kept opening and closing but, according to my friend in the bottom bunk, no one went in or out - very spooky:)

Angel Jem said...

I am really impressed. Well done for climbing that mountain! I climbed Mam Tor once and that was bad enough. I don't mind going up hill but I am petrified going down!
And Angels don't always dress in white, you know, sometimes they wear orange t shirts!

Curtise said...

Oh I like the sound of the Angel Gabriel, he certainly saved the day!
I take my hat off to you, Diane - Scafell Pike is not for the faint-hearted, and you did brilliantly. And the photos are fab too! xxx

Lisa said...

Huge congrats to you for such an achievement!
I think I would have preferred doing the boulder field again, those sheer drops sound far too scary!
Well done to you all.
Lisa x